REF Reading Groups and Activities

Digital Editing Reading Group

RG Members: Joanna Kopaczyk, Katie Lowe, Diane Scott, Jeremy Smith, Alison Wiggins

  • Group members has shared, read and gave feedback on pre-publication materials and work-in-progress by JK, JS and AW
  • AW read a provided feedback on a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship proposal for Katherine Heavey (Early Modern Literature RG) and liaised with their group to contine to develop the web profile and video content for Medieval/Renaissance studies


Middle English Reading Group

RG Members: Pam King, Andrew Prescott, Beth Robertson

  • Group members have shared pre-publication materials.


Discourse Reading Group

RG Members: Marc Alexander, Tom Bartlett, Fraser Dallachy, Cathy Emmott

  • Read and commented on Dallachy’s successful Carnegie funding bid
  • Read and commented on Dallachy and Alexander’s handbook article
  • Emmott was on study leave
  • Bartlett began 2019


Lexis and Onomastics Reading Group

RG Members: Wendy Anderson, Rebecca Gregory, Carole Hough, Simon Taylor, Eila Williamson


GULP Reading Group

RG Members: Clara Cohen, Rachel Smith, Jane Stuart-Smith 

This year the GULP reading group has done the following:

  • JS-S, RS, and JS (from Dialect Syntax RG) all read and gave feedback on CC’s ESRC new investigator grant draft (which has now been submitted)
  • RS and CC read and gave feedback on JS0S ERC advanced grant
  • All group  members gave read and gave feedback on student abstracts and then later on their short paper submissions to the International Congress on the Phonetic Sciences


Dialect Syntax Reading Group

RG Members: Miriam Krause, Sadie Ryan, Jennifer Smith, Gary Thoms, Caroline Heycock (Edin), David Adger (QMUL)