Translation and Literature is a major strength at Glasgow.  The leading journal in this area, Translation and Literature, is edited from the School, and its editor Stuart Gillespie is also General Editor of the five-volume Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, the last volume of which appeared in 2013.  The School has distinctive expertise in translation from Greek and Arabic, and we have good links, through our School of Modern Languages and Cultures, with translation from the major western European languages (French, German, Spanish and the Slavonic languages), and in comparative literature.  2012 saw the first Work-in-Progress Translation Season, organised by the School’s Translation Studies Postgraduate Research Network.

Translation and Literature (EUP)

Associated staff:

Alan Riach

Professor Alan Riach

Professor of Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and the Visual Arts

John Coyle

Dr John Coyle

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Comparative Literature, Literature and Music, Joyce, Proust

Matthew Creasy

Dr Matthew Creasy

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Children's Literature

Robert Maslen

Dr Robert Maslen

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime, Children'S Literature, Comedy, Early Prose Fiction, Satire

Sarah Nicholson

Dr Sarah Nicholson

Lecturer in Old Testament/ Tanakh Studies (Theology & Religious Studies)

Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Dr Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: literature; drama; translation; travel writing; Robert the Bruce; Wallace; Gavin Douglas; romance; modern; novel; fantasy; eldritch; book history; manuscript transmission; court poetry; editing; chivalry; lyric; Alan Warner; A.L. Kennedy; Janice Galloway; Mary Queen of Scots;

Vassiliki Kolocotroni

Dr Vassiliki Kolocotroni

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Twentieth Century Literature, Theory, Film

Wendy Anderson

Professor Wendy Anderson

Professor of Linguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Semantics, Metaphor, Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Corpus Linguistics, French Linguistics, Lexicography, Historical Thesaurus Of English, Discourse Analysis, Genre Analysis, Grammar Of English, Digital Humanities, Language And Culture