Scottish and Irish Literature

Scottish and Irish Literature

Glasgow University boasts the world’s first dedicated Chair of Scottish Literature (currently held by poet and critic Alan Riach), and has a world-leading role in the study of the subject.  A confirmation of the University’s commitment was the recent (2014) appointment of Gerry Carruthers to the Francis Hutcheson Chair in Scottish Literature.  Our researchers cover the whole range of Scottish literature, from medieval times to the present day, with a special emphasis on text-editing and material culture – something pursued in particular through the Centre for Robert Burns Studies.  Much of our research is interdisciplinary, delivered through the College’s Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies, and there is close collaboration with colleagues in the School who undertake linguistic research on Scots and English in Scotland.

The School is committed to outreach and engagement with key national debates, expressed through (e.g.) Gerry Carruthers’ ongoing series of symposia on Literature and the Union (with Colin Kidd, St Andrews; funded by the Carnegie Trust); Murray Pittock’s The Road to Independence?; and work with the Sir Walter Scott collections at Abbotsford.  

Irish studies are a growing strength at Glasgow, with new appointments since 2007.  The School hosted the 33rd Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (2009); the 2013 conference 'Back to the Mother Country?' The Impact of Ulster-Scots Writing on Scotland 1750-2013, co-organised by the Centre for Robert Burns Studies and the University of Ulster; and a number of events associated with Joyce, including Bloomsday Celebrations at the university and at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012 (two funded by the Irish Consulate).  The Finnegans Wake Reading Group brings together experts and enthusiasts across and beyond the University for engagement with this crucial modernist text.

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Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies
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Scottish Literary Review
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Associated staff:

Alan Riach

Professor Alan Riach

Professor of Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and the Visual Arts

Alex Benchimol

Dr Alex Benchimol

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: periodical history; eco-criticism; history of radicalism

Gavin Miller

Dr Gavin Miller

Senior Lecturer in Medical Humanities (English Literature)

Research interests: Science Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literature And Medicine, History Of Psychiatry, History Of Psychoanalysis, History Of Psychotherapy, History Of Psychology

Gerard Carruthers

Professor Gerard Carruthers

Francis Hutcheson Chair of Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

John Coyle

Dr John Coyle

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Comparative Literature, Literature and Music, Joyce, Proust

Kirsteen McCue

Professor Kirsteen McCue

Professor of Scottish Literature and Song Culture (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: music and song

Maria-Daniella Dick

Dr Maria-Daniella Dick

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Network theory; Literature and Technology; Narratives of Capitalism; Interdisciplinarity; Formalism

Matthew Creasy

Dr Matthew Creasy

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Children's Literature

Megan Coyer

Dr Megan Coyer

Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Literature and Medicine; Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press

Murray Pittock

Professor Murray Pittock

Pro-Vice Principal - Special Projects (Office of the Vice Principals)

Research interests: Scotland, Ireland, Cultural History, Transdiciplinary, Material Culture

Nigel Leask

Professor Nigel Leask

Professor - Regius Chair of English Language and Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: India and 19th century British literature

Paddy Lyons

Mr Paddy Lyons

Affiliate (English Literature)

Research interests: Restoration Theatre (1660-1737)

Professor Pamela King

Professor (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: theatre, drama, festival, iconography, medievalism, manuscripts

Rhona Brown

Dr Rhona Brown

Senior Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Eighteenth-century Scottish literature and the periodical press

Robert Maslen

Dr Robert Maslen

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime, Children'S Literature, Comedy, Early Prose Fiction, Satire

Scott Spurlock

Dr Scott Spurlock

Senior Lecturer in Scottish Religious Cultures (Theology & Religious Studies)

Research interests: Covenanters; Ecclesiastical History; Early Modern Britain & Ireland; Oliver Cromwell; Atlantic World; Migration Studies; Social History; English Civil War; Baptist; Dissenting Culture & Education; Medieval History; Ecclesiology; National Identity;Women Religious; Recusant Studies

Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Dr Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: literature; drama; translation; travel writing; Robert the Bruce; Wallace; Gavin Douglas; romance; modern; novel; fantasy; eldritch; book history; manuscript transmission; court poetry; editing; chivalry; lyric; Alan Warner; A.L. Kennedy; Janice Galloway; Mary Queen of Scots;

Willy Maley

Professor Willy Maley

Professor of Renaissance Studies (English Literature)

Research interests: Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton, Postcolonialism

Zoe Strachan

Ms Zoe Strachan

Senior Lecturer (English Literature)

Research interests: Fiction; novels; short stories; autofiction; LGBT; queer; Scottish; interdisciplinary; photography; feminist; memoir; visual arts; opera; Muriel Spark; new music; sound art.