Scots and English in Scotland

Scots and English in Scotland

Glasgow has a claim to being the leading institution in the UK for the study of Scots and English in Scotland.  Many colleagues work on topics in this area, making links between the study of Scots (and Scottish English) and our Modern and Historical English Language clusters, e.g. work on the sociolinguistic study of Scottish dialects.  Research in Scots and English in Scotland also includes work on the handling of these varieties in literature, on historical pragmatics with reference to Scottish texts, on documents and letters in Scots and Scottish English, on Scottish book history, on the grammar and accents of modern Scots and Scottish English, on the history of the lexicon and of lexicography, on Scottish place-names, and on the use of corpora for research into Scottish language. There are important synergies with the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies, and with School research into Scottish literature, e.g. through the Centre for Robert Burns Studies.

Major AHRC-/ESRC-funded projects are a feature of this cluster, e.g. the Scottish Toponymy in Transition project (in collaboration with Celtic and Gaelic); corpus projects such as the Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing (CMSW) and the Scottish Corpora of Texts and Speech (SCOTS); and Stability versus Change in a Shetland Dialect. New ventures include a pilot Historical Thesaurus of Scots, in collaboration with Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd and funded by an AHRC ‘big data’ award, and the ESRC-funded One Speaker, Two Dialects project.

Associated staff:
Marc Alexander, Jean Anderson, Wendy Anderson, Jenny Bann, Carole Hough, Christian Kay, Eleanor Lawson, Susan Rennie, Jennifer Smith, Jeremy Smith, Rachel Smith, Jane Stuart-Smith

Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies
Centre for Robert Burns Studies
Glasgow Digital Humanities

Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing, 1700-1945
Editing Robert Burns for the Twenty-First Century

Is Television a Contributory Factor in Accent Change in Adolescents?
Mapping Metaphor
Rhythms in Scotland
Scots Words and Place-names
Scottish Toponymy in Transition
Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (SCOTS)
Stability versus change in a Shetland dialect
Sounds of the City
Textual Afterlives
Timing in Accents of English

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Alan Riach

Professor Alan Riach

Professor of Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and the Visual Arts

Carole Hough

Professor Carole Hough

Professor of Onomastics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Onomastics, Place-Names, Personal Names, Old English, Anglo-Saxon Law, Dictionaries, Lexicography, Thesauri, Semantics, Cognitive Linguistics

Elizabeth Robertson

Professor Elizabeth Robertson

Professor of English Language (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Middle English Literature 1066-1550; gender and religion in medieval literature; Piers Plowman; Poetics and the new formalism; history of the Soul in literature; Medieval Cognition; History of the Senses and Emotions; Literary Theory

Jane Stuart-Smith

Professor Jane Stuart-Smith

Professor of Phonetics and Sociolinguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Phonetics, Sociophonetics, Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Minority Ethnic Languages

Jennifer Smith

Professor Jennifer Smith

Professor of Sociolinguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Linguistics; sociolinguistics; dialect; syntax

Jeremy Smith

Professor Jeremy Smith

Professor of English Philology (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: History Of The Book, Paleography And Codicology, Textual Criticism

Kirsteen McCue

Professor Kirsteen McCue

Professor of Scottish Literature and Song Culture (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: music and song

Marc Alexander

Professor Marc Alexander

Professor of English Linguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Semantics, Lexicology, Digital Humanities, Corpus Linguistics, Historical Thesaurus Of English, Stylistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Lexicography, Dictionaries, Thesauri, Metaphor, Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Legal Interpretation

Professor Pamela King

Professor (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: theatre, drama, festival, iconography, medievalism, manuscripts

Pauline Mackay

Dr Pauline Mackay

Lecturer in Robert Burns Studies (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and Bawdry; Literature and Censorship; Publishing and Book History; Material Culture and the Commemoration of Literary Figures

Rachel Smith

Dr Rachel Smith

Senior Lecturer (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: phonetics, speech perception, experimental phonetics, accents, voices, synaesthesia, rhythm, sociophonetics

Rhona Brown

Dr Rhona Brown

Senior Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Eighteenth-century Scottish literature and the periodical press

Dr Susan Rennie

Affiliate- English Language & Linguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Dr Theo Van Heijnsbergen

Lecturer (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: literature; drama; translation; travel writing; Robert the Bruce; Wallace; Gavin Douglas; romance; modern; novel; fantasy; eldritch; book history; manuscript transmission; court poetry; editing; chivalry; lyric; Alan Warner; A.L. Kennedy; Janice Galloway; Mary Queen of Scots;

Wendy Anderson

Professor Wendy Anderson

Professor of Linguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Semantics, Metaphor, Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Corpus Linguistics, French Linguistics, Lexicography, Historical Thesaurus Of English, Discourse Analysis, Genre Analysis, Grammar Of English, Digital Humanities, Language And Culture