Much of the School’s activity in this area is delivered through the Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies which brings together numerous experts in the field from across and beyond the College of Arts.  The Centre is named after Andrew Hook FBA FRSE, Emeritus Bradley Professor of English Literature at Glasgow and an authority on Scottish-American literary relations.  The School’s contribution to the work of the Centre is through its strengths in American literature, developed since 2007 with new senior appointments: Laura Rattray (an expert on Edith Wharton) and Stephen Burn (who works on postmodern American fiction and medical humanities).  The Andrew Hook Centre’s Co-Director, Chris Gair, edits Symbiosis: a Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations; the School hosted the Eighth Biennial Symbiosis Conference in 2011, which brought together researchers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies
Medical Humanities Research Centre

Associated Staff

Marc Alexander

Professor Marc Alexander

Professor of English Linguistics (English Language & Linguistics)

Research interests: Semantics, Lexicology, Digital Humanities, Corpus Linguistics, Historical Thesaurus Of English, Stylistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Lexicography, Dictionaries, Thesauri, Metaphor, Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Legal Interpretation

Stephen Burn

Dr Stephen Burn

Reader in Post-1945 American Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: Cognition and the Novel, Contemporary Literature, Encyclopedic Novels, Experimental Fiction

John Coyle

Dr John Coyle

Senior Lecturer in English Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: Comparative Literature, Literature and Music, Joyce, Proust

Chris Gair

Dr Chris Gair

Senior Lecturer in American Literature and Culture (English Literature)

Research interests: Realism, Naturalism, Jack London, Mark Twain, Frank Norris, World's Columbian Exposition, White City, Charles Dickens

Corey Gibson

Dr Corey Gibson

Lecturer in 20th Century Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: modern and contemporary Scottish poetry and fiction, radical theory, Marxist thought, folk culture, nationhood and nationalism, literatures of work, modernism,

Jane Goldman

Dr Jane Goldman

Reader in A vant-garde Poetics & Creative Writing (English Literature)

Research interests: poetry and poetics; literary theory; modernism/avant-garde; Virginia Woolf studies; gender, sexuality, feminism; queer; ut pictura poesis

Faye Hammill

Professor Faye Hammill

Professor in English Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: magazines and print culture; modernism and the middlebrow; Canadian studies

Bryony Randall

Dr Bryony Randall

Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: Modernist literature (particularly women's writing); editing modernism; literature and the everyday; literary theory (particularly feminist and materialist approaches); literature and time; literature and work.

Laura Rattray

Dr Laura Rattray

Reader in North American Literature (post 1900) (English Literature)

Research interests: American, Modernism, gender, transatlantic, Hollywood, Wharton, Fitzgerald, 1920s, 1930s, women

Alan Riach

Professor Alan Riach

Professor of Scottish Literature (Scottish Literature)

Research interests: Literature and the Visual Arts

Mia Spiro

Dr Mia Spiro

Lecturer in Jewish Studies (Theology & Religious Studies)

Research interests: Jewish studies, Jewish authors, Holocaust studies, fascism and anti-fascism, literature and political resistance, British modernism, minority literature, British Jewish history, Scottish Jewish history, Israeli literature and culture, Yiddish literature, Yiddish theatre

Helen Stoddart

Dr Helen Stoddart

Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Literature (English Literature)

Research interests: Architecture and Literature, Urban Literature, Film Studies, 21st Century Literature

Sophie Vlacos

Dr Sophie Vlacos

Lecturer in English Literature post 1900 (English Literature)

Research interests: twentieth-century literature, contemporary literature, continental philosophy, critical,