Postgraduate Events 2016-17

Postgraduate Events 2016-17

Social Committee

Social Committee 2016-17

  • Caroline Abbott-Evans
  • Charlotte Orr
  • Heather Wells
  • Jessica Habib
  • Louise Creechan
  • Lydia Murtezaoglu
  • Sarah Lewis

Got a great idea for a social event? Want to help plan activities for postgraduates in our School?

Come be part of our Social Committee! 

Pub Quiz?
Open Mic?
Themed party?
Pecha cucha?
Reading weekend?

Send ideas or expressions of interests to 

Breakfast Club

‌Postgraduates in the School of Critical Studies meet every Wednesday from 10 am in the Common Area of No 4 Professors Square 

  • Meet other postgraduates from across the school and our varied subject areas
  • Have a chat, exchange ideas
  • Bring your own coffee, tea or beverage, breakfast or snack
  • Find us!

Friday Get-together

There are a number of activities that take place on Friday afternoon which are followed by drinks and/or food at a local venue.

 No more sessions of Pub and Grub for 2016 as of 1 Dec. This event will start back up in 2017.

Pub and Grub




Festive Celebration

Festive Celebration Poster

Shut up & Write! aka Write Club




Shut up and Write! is a social event focused on getting words on paper. What is a Shut Up & Write event?

We use the pomodoro method (25 mins writing, 5 mins break) to maximise focus and eliminate Friday guilt.

No pressure, no competition, just a friendly focused workspace. Time for hot drinks and chat during breaks!

Join us at No 4 Professors Square, Lower Ground Floor. Computer Cluster Area.

Schedule of the event

  • 12-1pm: Bring your own lunch and join us in the Common Area
  • 1-3pm: Write! Write! Led by the pomodoro chief of that day
  • 3-4pm: Mentoring group for 1st year PhDs or PGT to chat about study, writing or questions about PG study 
  • from 4.30: Join the rest of PGs for weekly social event



LOL My Thesis

Friday 4-6pm

An informal writing workshop for PhDs in the College of Arts held every fortnight in the Great George St Offices.

Attendees bring 1-2k words of their thesis to share with the group for informal friendly feedback, with a side of political commentary and general bants.  

In the spirit of LOL MyThesis Twitter: @lolmythesis

Workshop takes place between 4-6pm followed by meeting up at the pub with other postgraduates.

Dates for Semester 1

Friday 18 November

Friday 02 December 

Movie Night

Dates posted shortly!

Charity Activities

Reclaim the Night - 25 November

  1. Meet fellow postgraduates at 4.30 at No 4 The Square, Common Area on 25 November

  2. Travel together to Glasgow Green after going for a cuppa

 Reclaim the Night

Uncovered Artistry- Supporting domestic and sexual abuse survivors



Reverse Advent Calendar

The Reverse Advent Calendar is a really simple idea and a great way to help others who might need a little help at Christmas.

Trussell Trust Advent


Trussell Trust Advent2

Collections are being taken from 1 Dec until 16 Dec in aid of the Trussell Trust


Starter Packs - Glasgow - 'Magpie'

Starter Packs Glasgow sources household items to redistribute as starter packs to those making the transition from homelessness to permanent tenancies. 

Collection are being taken from from 1 Dec to 16 Dec for 'Magpie' Starter packs.


Starter Packs Glasgow2


Should you wish to make any other donation contact Starter Packs.



Subject Area Events for Postgraduates

 Theology & Religious Studies

 Lost Research





TRS Work in Progress





Postgraduate Reading Groups 2016-17

GU Reading Group for Lengthy Literature

Ælfric Reading Group


Are you interested in history, Old English, or Catholic saints? What about cross-dressing, torture, or talking severed heads? If any of that sounds interesting, come along to the Old English Reading Group! Every fortnight, we prepare a translation of one hundred lines of Old English prose and meet to compare these translations, discuss any problems we had, and thoroughly enjoy the things these saints have gotten up to.

You don’t need any previous experience translating Old English to come along; all are welcome, and even if you’d just like to sit in for a couple of weeks and see what this Old English thing is all about we’d love to have you! And if you feel like you’re up for giving a little translation a go, even better! We are currently translating Ælfric of Eynsham’s Lives of Saints, and have gotten up to around line 353 of his ‘Of Saint Eugenia’. This week we’ll be finishing this text before moving on to a new one, so now is a perfect time to jump in!

We meet every other Thursday, in Room 4, 12 University Gardens at 12:00, and would love to have you come along!

Starting on: 19 Jan 2017

If you are interested in joining us, here are some helpful links:

The text we are currently using is available on Wikisource, here:

The Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary:

The Dictionary of Old English (unfortunately available only up to G at the moment!):

The Magic Sheet of Old English Inflections:


For more information, please contact Emily at


Theory at Random

 ‌“We are inexorably in theory, whether we champion it or deplore it” - Jonathan Culler (2007)

Theory at Random is a postgraduate-led reading group interested in the fundamental questions of literature, arts, and culture raised (and answered) by ‘theory’. Above championing or deploring any particular theory, in Theory at Random we strive to understand it. In our open, friendly discussions a text is chosen ‘at Random’ (from psychoanalysis one week, say, to queer theory the next) and we’ll chat it out: what may have seemed hopelessly impenetrable before, it is our aim that everyone leaves the session with a more confident understanding of some of the key cultural critiques of our time and how they impact our lives every day.