Steven Paxton

Research title: Redemption, Reconciliation and Development: The evolving role and mission of Pentecostal Churches in East Africa.

Research Summary

The literature on Tanzanian Pentecostalism has focussed on its more recent urban expressions and the impact of charismatic movements on established churches but is limited in its engagement with churches established during the first phase of Pentecostal activity in Tanzania in the 1930s, 40s and 50s and with Pentecostal Churches in rural communities.

My research seeks to address these gaps in our knowledge by (a) learning moreabout the daily lives and lived faith of Pentecostal people in rural Tanzania; (b) understanding the local narrative of lived Pentecostal faith; and (c) by exploring thecontours of a contextual local Tanzanian Pentecostal theology as despite the rise of African theological voices, there is a lack of Tanzanian Pentecostal voice informing these.     

The locus of the research is an exploration of the day-to-day of lived faith in a Pentecostal community, through the experience, epiphanies, deliverance and disappointment chronologies of six individuals worshiping at the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania in the rural settlement of Majengo on the outskirts of the village of Sanjaranda.



April 2019 – award from University of Glasgow to cover Researcher visa costs ($300).

Additional Information


A Systems Approach to Understanding the Perspectives in the Changing Landscape of Responsible Business in Scotland, Miles W Weaver, Kenny Crossan, Hock B Tan, Steven E Paxton, European Journal of Operational Research, August 2018 Volume 268, Issue 3, Pages 1149-1167

Other Roles

Policy Executive, Scottish Government, Advanced Learning and Science Directorate.