Scott J Meyer

Research title: The Theology of Cotton Mather

Research Summary

Thesis centers on the theology of Cotton Mather including his interpretations of covenant, piety, ecumenicism and more as applied during his life and ministry.


“Diabolists and Decadents: H.P. Lovecraft as Purveyor, Indulger and Appraiser of Puritan Horror Fiction PsychoHistory,” Lovecraft Annual, Hippocampus Press (Vol. 13, August 2019)

"Martin Luther, Lutheran Theology and Paedocommunion: History, Compatibility and Appraisal,” Currents in Theology and Mission, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Wartburg Theological Seminary (January 2018)


“H.P. Lovecraft and New England Puritanism” Presentation - TRS Research Seminar Programme (2019).


“The God Question”

Additional Information


Member of the Alabama State Bar (USA). Past member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, European Criminal Bar Association, International Bar Association and the International Criminal Bar Association.


ECMS Award - University of Glasgow / Columbia University (2020).