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Research title: The liberating Impact of masochism

Research Summary

My research project focuses on the genre of masochism in English and translated European novels. I investigates masochism in novels and novellas through different type of literature, engaging work of erotic literature, fictional literature, and case studies.

The purpose of investigating different types of literature and case studies in this research project is to offer a global understanding of masochism, its characteristics, and the way masochism has been constructed. The analysis of different types of literary work of masochism, and its different representations, will help the readers of the present project to comprehend in-depth how the masochistic identity is formed.

The main hypothesis of investigation of this research project is to examine how the literature of masochism, through the lens of its consideration of extreme sexual behaviour, tries to define the limits of the human body and endurance of pain and pleasure as an existential exploration on the notion of identity.

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