Jueunhae Ruth Knox

email - Jueunhae.Knox@glasgow.ac.uk

orcid - https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8662-2393

Research title: Baptism of the Beasts: An Ecocritical Study of Animal Imagery in Modernist Poetry

Research Summary

Poetry has always been her first love, but JuEunhae has also always been interested in the intersection of different genres of both the spoken and oral word, in contemporary and traditional contexts. Her original thesis pioneers a comparison of digital and traditional poetry in light of New Labour capitalism and consumerism through the lens of literary naturalism. It is the first of its kind to examine Instapoetry in correlation with poe(t/m)-tagging on a visually commodified branding platform such as Instagram, let alone with reference to New Labor issues in light of post-Marxian capitalism.

Other interests in her areas of research include:

  • The tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare
  • The works of Dylan Thomas, especially his lesser-known pieces
  • The poetry and letters of Emily Dickinson
  • Naturalist literature
  • Modernist poetry
  • Romantic poetry
  • The evolution of image and text
  • The Creative Economy
  • Digital publishing and branding
  • Pedagogy

She is collaborating with Dr James Mackay, from Europe University Cyprus, on the world’s first collection of essays in response to Instapoetry, as well as the inaugural academic conference of its kind on this relevant subject, #Reading Instapoetry.  

This conference has already received a lot of attention, winning both the Chancellor’s Fund Grant and the Community PGR Reward for its innovation and relevance, and promises to be widely impactful to both academic and public audiences through annual conferences, Open Mics, and other symposiums to be held in 2021. You can find more information about it at https://innocentandsmith.wixsite.com/readinginstapoetry.

As a certified Higher Education teacher in the United States, she is also interested in students’ access to learning, linking digital and physical texts. In addition to teaching literature as a GTA for English Literature and LEADS, she is currently designing curriculum to aid university students in strategically growing in their academic reading abilities to critically engage and evaluate multiple forms of text.


JuEunhae has won the Sidney Perry Foundation Scholarship for three consecutive years, along with awards from several UK and international universities. From the University of Glasgow, she received the John Buchanan Mobility Grant, the Postgraduate Research Award, and most recently, the William Lauchlan Mann Award, a prize which grants full tuition on account of research originality and impact. She also received the Chancellor’s Award and the Postgraduate Community Research Award for the #Reading Instapoetry conference, and also co-led the University of Glasgow’s PGR Conference Connections.

From external funding bodies, JuEunhae has also received scholarships to present at American Literature Association Conference, the 117th Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference, the British Comparative Literature Association Conference, the Contemporary Women’s Poetry Conference, the Prose and Poetry Symposium in Leeds, the Image and the Screen Conference partnering with Oxford and Genoa in Italy, and the Adolescence and Short Forms Literature Conference in Angers, France.

She received a full scholarship to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria to study De-Colonizing Cultural Territories Online and present in the associated Colloquium.

Additional Information


JuEunhae created the WorthaThousand Project with support from The Hunterian and the University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections, obtaining funding from prestigious publishers such as Faber & Faber, The Wylie Agency, and Carcanet Press. The project established a new Instagram account featuring. antiquarian and contemporary works of art and poetry, increasing public engagement through both online discussion and commentary as well as public readings and museum talks.

She also led the Words of WWI Poetry Team, organizing and selecting a broad collection of multi-lingual poetry and auditioned and trained orators to perform poems for WWI’s centennial memorial; one of the screened performances continued to win the Royal Television Society’s Short Film Award.

Other Interests

In her spare time, she is the director of Community Meals Delivered, an international partnership she stared in Glasgow involving a number of charities, restaurants, and groceries in creating delicious meals and delivering them in contactless form to the elderly and vulnerable families sheltering from COVID-19. She also volunteers Caring for Carers, Food for Good, Glasgow Mutual Aid, and 3-2-1 Groups for aiding asylum seeker women. In her fragments of spare time, she enjoys baking, hiking, fishing, and writing poems about chickens.