Joe Bouch

Research title: The nuisance and disturbance of the outsider

Research Summary

My thesis focuses on the work of Janice Galloway, a Scottish writer who has privileged subjective accounts of the everyday world in her work exploring issues of identity and relationship. My hypothesis is:

1. that her use of self-reflexive narrativity exemplifies a phenomenology of practice based on her own lived experience in which a key concern is existential;

2. that close reading of her work will provide rich descriptions of the dynamic process whereby as human beings we form and develop our own identity which is both personal and relational;

3. that this dynamic process will be shown to be dialogical and enhanced by:

i. the identification of and reflection on habitual assumptions that are determined socioculturally

ii. reflection on personal experience as re-presented in autobiographical memory

4. that the findings will have relevance to praxis for practitioners in health and social care in terms of reflective practice, relational ethics and dialogical therapies.