Eman Abdulrahman A Alzahrani

email - e.alzahrani.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research title: Code-Switching and its function in bilingual classrooms

Research Summary

The topic of my research is about code switching and its functions in bilingual classrooms. Code switching (CS) is a phenomenon that has frequently occurred in a variety of language context. It is widespread in our daily life from workplaces to classrooms. According to the aim of the study, CS refers to the act of using the teacher’s first language while speaking in the target language inside the classrooms. The current study will focus on the use of CS and its functions in Saudi bilingual classrooms. The study will encompass four different age-groups including primary stage, intermediate stage, secondary stage, and university stage where the researcher is the teacher of these groups.

According to some previous studies, using CS in classrooms may facilitate the process of learning, while others believe that CS may not help. It might be unhelpful because of some reasons and one of them is due to the differences in using the types of switching, such as the differences in functional vs personal CS. Thus, the current study will test the effects of different types of CS in the classroom. It will depend on teaching three groups in each stage by using different types of code switching in each group.  I use functional CS with one group, personal and functional CS with another group, while the last group is with no CS. There is a pre-test exam and post-test one which will test the improvements in the students’ performance across the three groups to see whether different types of CS help students learning.




- Attendance of the Miami Fling 2016 conference.

   Miami FLing 2016 brings together two meetings:

   a. The annual FLYM [Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting]

   b. Annual Linguistics Matters Festival, associated with Barbara Gordon's Memorial Lecture Series.

- Attendance of the COM 2019 (Conference on Multilingualism) in Leiden University.

   Participated as a poster presentation.

Additional Information


  • A member in the honour society of Phi Kappa Phi which is one of the societies that supports the outstanding students around the best universities in America.
  • A member in Phi Beta Delta which also supports the outstanding students in USA during my studying master degree in California State University, Fullerton.