Ana Markovic

Ana Markovic

Research Title

Oscar Wilde's Queer Afterlives: Sexuality in Post- and Neo-Victorian Wildeana

Research Summary

My thesis asks, ‘How does post-1900 English and American Wildeana portray and politicise sexuality?’. By ‘Wildeana’, I understand representations and reproductions of Oscar Wilde’s life and work. Although Wilde is typically associated with homosexuality, my thesis uses the term ‘sexuality’ to include a wider range of sexual identities, not only homosexuality, but also bisexuality and asexuality, as well as queerness more broadly.

Wilde and his characters have featured in hundreds of novels, plays and films since Wilde’s death in 1900. At the same time, in the English and American cultural contexts in which these revisions circulate, there have been significant shifts in the understanding of sex, gender and sexuality. If post-1900 Wildeana mirrors these shifts, in particular changes in the conception of male same-sex desire, and the key events in LGBTQ history, then Wildeana can be examined as an index to the history of Anglo-American gay identity politics. Furthermore, a study of the representations and reproductions of Wilde and his work from his death in 1900 until the present day, in cultural products ranging from biographies and memoirs to poems, novels, short stories, plays, and films, might help us understand the bigger question of how English and American perceptions of sex, gender, sexual preferences and sexual identity have evolved over time.



Academic awards:

University of Glasgow – William Lauchlan Mann Memorial Prize, 2016-18; tuition fees

University of Glasgow – Research Support Award, 2016, £300, BAVS Conference

University of Split – Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence (2013-2014)

University of Split – Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence (2011-2012)

University of Split – Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence (2011-2012)



24/05-25/05/2016 GU College of Arts and Humanities Conference 2016: ‘Difference’

31/08-02/09/2016 BAVS Annual Conference 2016: ‘Consuming (the) Victorians’



  • English Literature: 1B: The Novel and Narratology