Internationalisation and student mobility

Internationalisation and student mobility

Internationalisation is a key strategy of the University and the School of Computing Science is engaged in a variety of internationalisation activities. This aims to:

  • expose home students to a variety of ideas, cultures, and education systems;
  • provide international study experiences;
  • prepare students to be “global citizens”;
  • enrich the multicultural student body at Glasgow.

Study abroad

As a home 'Glasgow' student you have opportunities to study abroad as part of your degree programme. You may study at an approved overseas university for a single semester or a whole year. On return to Glasgow, your  credits and grades are recorded on your transcript, and may count towards the classification of your degree.

Visiting students

If you are  student from an overseas university, you may study at Glasgow for a single semester or a whole year. During that time you can choose courses that best suit your interests and the degree requirements of your home institution.

Each year visiting students take courses in Computing Science. These students come mostly from universities in Europe (under the Erasmus programme) and North America.

For general information about study abroad and exchange, incoming and outgoing (e.g. accommodation, application process, registration etc.), please see the University's Study Abroad pages.

Information on incoming student mobility

This information is relevant to incoming students wishing to study Computing Science or a related discipline who are:

  • International exchange students
  • Study Abroad students
  • Erasmus students
  • Science without Borders students

If you wish to study Computing Science courses, then please consult the document listing all Computing Science courses available to visiting students (

All our courses are of the form COMPxxx (sometimes also represented as COMPSCIxxxx). You can find further information about these and other courses  in the University's Course Catalogue (

For information about other courses , please contact the relevant School. For example, for courses of the form ENGxxxx, you should contact the School of Engineering; for courses of the form STATSxxxx, you should contact the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Please note the following:

  • The majority of the COMPxxx courses are examined in May. COMP1016, COMP2002, COMP2003 and COMP2005 may be examined in December.
  • If you wish to take the Honours project course (COMP4025P), then you must arrive on or before the Monday of the week before the start of semester 1, so that a project can be allocated to you.
  • If you wish to take the third year team project course (COMP3004), then you must arrive on or before the Monday of the first week  of semester 1, so that you can be allocated to a team.

If you are accepted as a visiting student at the University of Glasgow, and wish to take Computing Science courses, please visit the Teaching Office in 18 Lilybank Gardens (Sir Alwyn Williams building) when you arrive for instructions on how to enrol.

International partners

The School of Computing Science has developed partnerships with the following respected institutions:

  • Singapore Institute of Technology (Singapore): BSc (Hons) Computing Science

  • King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (Thailand): BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
  • Sun Yat-Sen University (China): BSc (Hons) Computing Science

Find out more about these collaborative programmes in our international partners page.