Where do I go for help?

Where do I go for help?

guideMe is a tool to help students find resources and the right person to contact when they need help. It’s not a big FAQ sheet it’s more of a detailed sign post. If you're still struggling with a problem then going to the Student Support Officer first will usually be helpful, they can guide you better detail and more experience.

Places that guideMe may redirect you to:


Your adviser is someone who is there to give you advice on academic decisions and used to be responsible for telling you where to go to help you solve your problem.

{{How to find out who your adviser.}}

Senior Adviser

The senior adviser deals with guiding adviser when they don’t know what to do. He also deals with first year students during enrolment.

{{Senior Adviser Contact.}}

UofG Helpdesk

This is a knowledge base to help students answer there questions.

{{Link to UofG Helpdesk}}

Student Support Officer

The student support officer will often act as a first port of call when you need help. They will then guide you to the right source for help.

You can find the SSO in the teaching office


The SRC are a great source of help and provide many resources to aid students.

McIntyre Building
University Avenue
G12 8QQ

0141 330 5360



Class Reps

Class Reps are there to help the department get feedback on the course as well as represent the opinion of students at certain meetings.

{{How to find out who your class rep is}}

University Services

{{University Services}}

Course Coordinator


Moodle gives you information about all your courses as well as general information about computing science.

Here is a link to Moodle: https://moodle.gla.ac.uk

Teaching Office

The teaching office for the school does many things including showing students their exam papers and helping students with timetable clashes.

{{Location and directions to the teaching office}}

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