Live Vacancies

Our partner employers currently accepting applications for 2021 are listed below.  Please note this list changes frequently as new opportunities go live, so we recommend signing up for alerts.

  • VeryConnect is a fast-growing tech start up, specialising in Membership, CRM, Community software all-in-one solutions, with a worldwide customer base.  Apply to VeryConnect.
  • Simul8 is a fast-growing software start up providing technical expertise and support to household names such as Nike, Ford, Apple and the NHS. Apply to Simul8.

It is possible to apply to multiple GA opportunities simultaneously.  If you are also applying to traditional courses through UCAS, we strongly advise you also continue to progress these applications as you can make a final decision once you have all your offers on the table.

Please visit the University of Glasgow Careers Service webpages for advice on writing CVs and Cover Letters.  

The video below provides step by step guidance to applying for graduate apprenticeships with our partner companies. 

Guidance on Applying