How to apply

How to apply for the Graduate Apprenticeship programme:

1) Apply directly to our partner employers (see below) - not through UCAS. Each employer will have a well-documented application process which may involve a combination of interviews and technical tests which will help them decide if you are a good fit. 

2) After the application process is complete, you may be offered a position (which may also be conditional on qualifications in process) and will be given instructions on how to apply to the University as a student.

3) If you are unsuccessful in your application to one employer, we encourage you to seek feedback and apply to other positions: there is no limit to the number of Graduate Apprentice roles you may apply for.

REMEMBER: this does not impact your UCAS submission.

Employers recruit year-round, from November through to the following summer.

Check out the links below for partner companies currently recruiting for Software Engineering GAs to start Autumn 2020.


This list will grow and you can apply to as many employers as you like, so please keep checking the list or join our mailing list to be kept informed of new opportunities.

Please check our academic entry requirements for the GA