Why Graduate Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are proven to deliver tangible business benefits from increased productivity to improved talent development and retention. The degree programme is fully funded and open to all companies operating in Scotland. Our Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) in Software Engineering addresses the talent gap between supply and demand in the Scottish tech sector.

Shaping talent​

Funding for a graduate apprentice is available to upskill within your existing workforce or to recruit new talent into your company:​

  • school leavers to job changers embrace GA's creating a new and diverse pool of talent​
  • GAs are open to your current team members to upskill or re-train to meet your business need

Why our Employer Partners harness the power of GA’s:​

​Megan Gallagher year 2 UofG GA with Leidos

  • Grow talent to meet your business needs, shaping skills and learning to bespoke requirements​
  • Address recruitment needs in a competitive labour market​
  • Business succession planning​
  • Gain value from the Apprenticeship Levy​​

"we have only ever operated in a learning environment, everyone is permanently learning… [our apprentice] is an exceptional learner” Kyle White, Chief Executive, VeryConnect

​Our Employer Partners say apprentices are:​

  • inquisitive, enthusiastic and hard working​
  • always learning​
  • bring a unique perspective​
  • problem solvers​
  • valuable members of the team
  • loyal employees, leading to stronger talent retention