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The University of Glasgow offers a flexible and robust BSc (Hons) Software Engineering (Graduate Apprenticeship) to develop your colleagues and leaders of the future.

Our vision is to develop a professional degree programme on par with established professional degree courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. The degree combines work-based learning with an intensive foundational course taught in blocks at the university over the first 18 months, followed by specialisation delivered through a day release model in the Honour’s years.   

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Frequently asked questions

How does this programme differ from a typical undergraduate degree?

Teaching will be front loaded to get apprentices up to speed with the world of work. This involves teaching a range of techniques for picking up new languages, as well as typical workplace lifecycles, workflows and tool chains. It also includes guidance on how to conduct themselves professionally. As a result, they will be ready to contribute to the workplace earlier than a typical student.

Employers will also have the opportunity to shape apprentices as they develop their skills and abilities. Rather than only learning techniques in abstract, classroom contexts, apprentices will be able to apply these skills directly in the workplace, reinforcing their understanding while remaining focused on workplace requirements.

How much time will they spend away from work?

In the first two years they will have to spend some intensive teaching blocks, typically eight weeks long, on campus. During this time, they will still be spending two days every two weeks in the workplace and will be full time employees outwith the teaching blocks. In Years 3 and 4 they will spend roughly one and a half days every week of term time on campus, and the rest of the time will be spent at work.

For a full breakdown of the programme delivery model, see the programme structure page.

Do we get to choose who our Graduate Apprentices will be?

Apprentices will be recruited by you like any other member of staff. Apprenticeship roles can be advertised on and here on our website. Once you have selected your candidates, instruct them to apply to the university as a student.

A shortlisting service is available to employers on request. Please contact Anna Doyle, our Employer Liaison Officer to discuss at

What are the entry requirements?

The standard entry requirements match the undergraduate degree programme – AAAA including Mathematics – however an employer may make a case for students who do not meet these requirements to possess a minimum of BBBB including Mathematics, all of which must be achieved in a first sitting. For students sitting A-Levels, the entry requirements also mirror undergraduate degree programme: AAB with a minimum of one relevant Science A-level and Mathematics A-level at Grades A or B. An employer may make a case for students who do not meet these requirements to possess a minimum of BBB.

More information about the course entry requirements can be found on the degree programme page.

When will Graduate Apprentices take holidays?

There are a few timeslots throughout the calendar year where the university does not require the students to be undertaking work-based learning. Typically, these times fall around Christmas and the end of summer and apprentices would ideally take their holidays from the workplace in these periods. Dates within the work-based learning periods can be taken as holidays with employer approval, but students would be expected to catch up with their learning workload in their own time.

Will they need extra support?

We expect that Graduate Apprentices will need pastoral care at both university and the workplace, particularly in their early years. The workplace will need to provide a mentor to be an apprentice’s point of contact for any issues they have in work. We expect that many employers will wish to put in place other forms of support, such as a buddy system. If your organisation does not have a structure for mentors in place, the University of Glasgow is happy to provide training.

What languages and technologies will they be taught?

The programme is deliberately flexible in this regard: rather than teaching specific languages, we intend to develop skills which are language agnostic. Likewise, with technologies, we will introduce concepts and themes, with less emphasis on specific stacks and tools. This does not mean that apprentices will have only abstract, theoretical knowledge. All their work-based learning will be conducted in the language and technologies of the workplace, so rest assured that they will be developing relevant skills.

More information about the course content can be found on the degree programme page.

What do Graduate Apprentices get paid?

Actual salaries are determined by the employer, but Skills Development Scotland encourage all employers to pay a Living Wage from Year 1. We would expect a GA’s salary to be reviewed over time.

How is the relationship between employer and university governed?

Our Partnership Agreement regulates and protects the important relationship between the University of Glasgow and our company partners in delivering the Graduate Apprenticeship programme.  The Partnership Agreement shall be signed by the University of Glasgow and a company partner when a Graduate Apprentice is accepted onto the programme. Please contact Anna Doyle, our Employer Liaison Officer at if you would like to review the Agreement.
The University works with multiple company partners and our Partnership Agreement ensures consistency and equality across relationships with company partners.  To maintain the integrity of the Partnership Agreement, the University of Glasgow is unable to sign additional agreements or contracts relating to the regulation of our relationship with company partners.

How do Graduate Apprenticeships in Scotland differ from Degree Apprenticeships elsewhere in the UK?

Unlike Degree Apprenticeships, the University does not act as a service provider to individual companies.  Instead, we are the educational partner for companies and a service provider only to Skills Development Scotland.

How do we get involved?

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