Confirming your GA offer

Graduate Apprentices looking out at the University of Glasgow

Congratulations you have been offered a place on the Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) programme with one of our partner employers. What happens next?

Please use this page as a checklist to make sure you are fully registered with the university.

Get in touch with UofG GA Team
Please email to advise us once you have accepted an offer with one of our employer partners.

If you require accommodation in Glasgow make sure you sign up with Accommodation Services straight away and also email

Accommodation is in high demand so it is important to be on the list.

Please note accommodation allocation cannot be confirmed until you are registered with the University (see below).

Confirming your employment contract

  • All aspects of your employment agreement and working arrangements, including your start date*, salary, working hours, leave policy, are discussed directly with your employer. The UofG is not involved in these discussions.

  • * Your start date should ideally not be less than two weeks before the first semester starts on 31 October.

  • Please note if you are awaiting exam outcomes your Graduate Apprentice offer will be conditional on you achieving the UofG minimum grades or those stipulated by your prospective employer (if higher).

  • Please be aware as a Graduate Apprentice you are entitled to a salary on full pay in line with UK government salary policy on minimum wage.

  • If you have any holidays planned which start after your employment date you should raise this with your employer. Please note we ask that Graduate Apprentices do not take leave (unless it is exceptional circumstances) during the university teaching blocks (Nov-Dec and Mar-Apr). See below.

Welcome from the UofG Graduate Apprenticeship Programme Director
Once your employer has confirmed to the UofG you have accepted a place with them, you will be contacted by Dr Matthew Barr, Graduate Apprenticeship Programme Director, to welcome you onto the programme, explain next steps for registering with the university, and joining the Summer School.


Your University Registration

  • Your welcome email from Matt will include a link to register with the university on the Graduate Apprenticeship programme.
  • If you have already achieved your academic grades, once you have registered, you will receive an email from our Admissions Team with your Glasgow Unique ID (GUID) with details on how to login to MyCampus. It is very important you do this as soon as possible. You will also receive a letter outlining key dates, university services and clubs.
  • If you are awaiting academic grades, the Admissions team will contact you once your exam results are confirmed.
  • To prepare you can view information on the registration process on this university webpage
  • If you have any concerns that you have not heard from our Admissions Team or have any questions regarding completing registration contact
  • Please remember, if you have applied for accommodation this cannot be confirmed until you have registered.

Your course funding via SAAS
The Graduate Apprenticeship Programme is fully funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

You need to apply to SAAS for this funding to be allocated to you. Your email welcome from Matt will provide a link to activate this and guidance notes.

Please note it is very important you apply to SAAS for funding as soon as you are contacted by Matt as your funding needs to be applied to your university account for you to financially register.

Summer School
The GA Team run Summer Schools in Programming and Mathematics consecutively in August and September.

The courses are online, fully flexible, self-paced, include drop-in support sessions, and are led by our Graduate Apprenticeship Lecturers.

The Summer Schools are open to all new Graduate Apprentices and we recommend you attend. If you do not have prior programming skills or do not Higher Maths you will be required to attend the Summer School.

Summer School starts 1 September 2022


Key dates for 2022

Welcome meeting with the Programme Director – June through to September

Summer School – 1 September to 27 October 2022

Induction Day 17 October 2022

First 8-week Semester 31 October to 21 December 2022

It is a lot to take in. Remember the GA Team is on hand to help you every step of the way. Contact with any questions.

Congratulations on being selected for this fantastic programme and we look forward to welcoming you into the university.