William Kavanagh

Office : currently, my spare bedroom. formerly, Lilybank Gardens, G162

Email w.kavanagh.1@research.gla.ac.uk


Twitter : @william_kav


UoG people can get me on Teams quickest if it's a research emergency. (Don't use my staff account, use my research one)

Research title: Using Probabilistic Model Checking to Balance Games

Research Summary

I have been working on developing processes for strategy synthesis in competitive games -- finding the optimal way to play. This can be used to simulate high level play, generating a source of data without the need to play testing. This data can then inform game design, specifically balancing asymmetric material. I also use calculate the action cost of all moves in a game, the extent to which it deviates from the optimal strategy. This can be used in player analytics to objectively measure player skill agnostic of their opponent and to identify where mistakes are being made, suggesting areas for redesign.

In collaboration with Tom Wallis developed the mobile game RPGLite, (Android, iOS) as a case study for our research.


My Research:

Balancing Turn-Based Games with Chained Strategy Generation, William Kavanagh, Alice Miller, Gethin Norman and Oana Andrei. In: IEEE Transactions on Games, 23 Sep 2019.

Chained Strategy Generation: A Technique for Balancing Multiplayer Games Using Model Checking, William Kavanagh and Alice Miller. In: 26th Automated Reasoning Workshop (ARW 2019), London, UK, 02-03 Sep 2019, pp. 15-16.


PhD Support Documents:

Doing a CS PhD at Glasgow Poster (A0) - July 2019

Science & Engineering Induction Presentation - May 2020, Short presentation given for the second time to new PhD students in the College of Science and Engineering


I am supported by the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership award EP/M508056/1


Level 2 tutor representative Sep 2019 - present.

Currently teaching all level 2 courses: Web App Development, Java Programming, Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Algorithmic Foundations, Network and Operating System Essentials and Algorithms and Data Structures.

Masters project assistant.


Additional Information

Current tutor representative and member of the Tutor Working Group.

PGR representative - 2018-2019,

Athena Swan SAT member - 2018-2019.