Sofiat Olamiji Olaosebikan

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Research title

Efficient Algorithms for the Student-Project Allocation problem

Research summary

My research interests lie mainly in the area of Algorithms and Complexity. For my PhD, I am working on the design of efficient algorithms for matching problems. Matching problems generally involve a set of applicants (e.g. students) who seek to be matched to a set of objects (e.g. projects). Typically, applicants may have ordinal preferences over a subset of objects, and there may be constraints on the number of applicants that each object can accommodate. A natural goal is to find an optimal allocation of applicants to objects, according to the given preferences and constraints. An example application arise when university departments seek to allocate final level students to dissertation projects, referred to as the Student-Project Allocation problem (SPA). I am focused on generating new structural and algorithmic results for variants of SPA.


David Manlove, Duncan Milne and Sofiat Olaosebikan. An Integer Programming Approach to the Student-Project Allocation Problem with Preferences over Projects. To appear in proceedings of ISCO 2018: the 5th International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimisation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2018.


Tutor at the School of Computing Science, since 2016.