Sofiat Olamiji Olaosebikan

Sofiat Olamiji Olaosebikan

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Research Title

Efficient Algorithms for the Student-Project Allocation problem

Research Summary

My research interests lie mainly in the area of Algorithms and Complexity. At present, I am working on the design of efficient algorithms for matching problems, which arise when we seek to match a set of agents to a set of objects (e.g., kidney donors to patients, junior doctors to hospitals, and students to projects). Typically, agents may have ordinal preferences over a subset of objects, and there may be constraints on the number of agents that each object can accommodate. A natural goal is to find an optimal allocation of agents to objects, according to the given preferences and constraints. A practical application of matching problems, where university departments seek to allocate students to dissertation projects, is referred to as the Student-Project Allocation problem (SPA). For my PhD, I am focused on generating new structural and algorithmic results for variants of SPA.


David Manlove, Duncan Milne and Sofiat Olaosebikan. An Integer Programming Approach to the Student-Project Allocation Problem with Preferences over Projects. In proceedings of ISCO 2018, volume 10856 of LNCS, pages 313 - 325, Springer, 2018

Sofiat Olaosebikan and David Manlove. Super-stability in the Student-Project Allocation Problem with Ties. In proceedings of COCOA 2018volume 11346 of LNCS, pages 357 - 371, Springer, 2018. 


Graduate Teaching Assistant at the School of Computing Science, since 2016. The following are courses I have been involved in: 

Algorithmics Foundations (2017/18)
- Algorithms and Data Structures (2018/19)
Introductory Programming in Python (2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19)
Java Programming (2017/18, 2018/19)
Object-Oriented Software Engineering (2017/18, 2018/19) 


Additional Information

- Lead coordinator, Programming Workshop for Scientists in Africa (PWSAfrica)

- Founder and President, Nigerian Students' Society, University of Glasgow (NSSUofG)