Shaun Macdonald

Office: Lilybank Gardens F141



Degree: Graduated from The University of Glasgow with a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Computing Science in 2018.

PhD: Currently a PhD Student working with the Glasgow Interactive Systems Group at The University of Glasgow.



Research title: Investigating Emotionally Resonant Vibrations as a Calming Intervention for People with Social Anxiety

Research Summary

My research is focussed on supporting individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD) as they attempt face-to-face(FTF) interaction and rehabilitation. I am approaching this from a Human Computer Interaction(HCI) perspective, designing and developing interactive systems and then evaluating them, all alongside users. I am currently conducting a literature review of how individuals with SAD habitually interact with FTF interactions, interactive systems and how HCI research has tried to previously provide support.