Maria Evangelopoulou

PhD Student

Office: Lilybank Gardens, Room M101 
Telephone: +44 141 330 6056
Personal Site:

Research Summary


Maria Evangelopoulou  is currently a PhD candidate and has been recently appointed to a Lecturing position (Lecturer in the Cyber Security Fundamentals course and also involved in the Networks and Operating Systems course) as part of the Learning, Teaching and Scholarship track. She was previously an academic staff member, a Research Assistant and transitioned to Associate working on a FP7 project on transport safety and moved forward with a joint project with FAA and US Navy about identifying vulnerabilities and visualisation techniques of cyber security incidents in aviation. She was a Principal Investigator with UK nuclear industries investigating Cyber security issues and Forensic techniques on ICS/SCADA systems. Generally, Maria's research interests cover different aspects on cyber security and she aspires to expand her expertise and grow her cyber perspective. Generally, Maria's current research is concerned with the investigation of Cyber Situation Awareness Methods and Techniques in Cloud Networks and other kind of systems.

Research Interests:

- Cyber security & Cyber Situation Awareness (CyberSA)
- Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
- Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Threat Intelligence and threat hunting
- Digital Forensics
- Malware
- Machine Learning



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4) Johnson, C. W. and Evangelopoulou, M. (2015) Empirical framework for situation awareness measurement techniques in network defense. Proceedings of CyberSA2015, London, UK, 8-9 June 2015. (doi:10.1109/CyberSA.2015.7166132).

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