Jack Parkinson


F151 Lilybank Gardens
Sir Alwyn Williams Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8RZ

Email Jack.Parkinson@glasgow.ac.uk
Website jack-parkinson.com
Availability isjackinameeting.com
Phone 01413308573 (campus)

Research Summary

Spatial Skills have been shown to be connected to success in STEM domains for decades; Computing Science is no exception. My work aims to tease out this relationship and identify specific ways in which computing and spatial ability are connected. The existing theory is that spatial skills tests and exercises rely upon an ability to develop and manipulate internal mental models, a process which also seems to apply to areas of computing (for example, construction of notional machines or identification and classification of elements in the Block Model). 




  • Spatial Skills Training 1 (Course coordinator)
  • CS1: Computational Thinking (Tutor)
  • CS1: Computing Fundamentals (Tutor)
  • CS1: Systems (Tutor)
  • CS1: Python Programming (Standard and Alternate Routes) (Tutor)
  • Interactive Systems (H) (Lab Assistant)
  • CS+ (Masters): Programming Systems and Development (Lab Assistant)
  • GA: How to Learn a New Language (Demonstrator)
  • GA: Programming Summer School

Additional Information

  • Previously worked as a Research Assistant involved in the development (up to delivery) of the Graduate Apprenticeship in Software Engineering programme, the first Graduate Apprenticeship programme launched at the University of Glasgow
  • Inaugural coordinator of the CCSE weekly seminar series
  • Member of the Athena SWAN Committee, specifically involved in Outreach and Communications
  • Representative for Level 1 Tutors and Demonstrators in Computing Science