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Research Summary

Biography :

I am currently a PhD student and a member of the IDA section within the School of Computer Science at the University of Glasgow. I obtained my BSc (Hons) in 2016 from the School Of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. My research is focused on creating Machine Learning models that can be applied in Database Systems and Big Data contexts to expedite query processing along with accurate explanations for the results.


Research Interests :


  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Big Data Engines
  • Expediting Complex Query Processing using ML Models
  • Explanations in Aggregate Query Results



Anagnostopoulos, C., Savva, F. and Triantafillou, P. (2017) Scalable aggregation predictive analytics: a query-driven machine learning approach. Applied Intelligence, (Accepted for Publication)



    Demonstrator :


    • Database Systems (Level 3)
    • Big Data (Level 4)
    • Database Theory (DTA)

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