PWSAfrica 2018: University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The first workshop was held over July and August 2018 at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. At this inaugural event, which covered an intensive two-week long curriculum, the tutors trained over 100 participants including postgraduates and undergraduates, with majority of the participants from Mathematics, and others from Computing Science, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Physics and Statistics. In the first week, the participants were introduced to data types, conditionals, loops, data structures, functions, file I/O and functional programming. In the first part of the second week, certain Python libraries for scientific computing was introduced, including Numpy, Matplotlib and Pandas. In the last few days of the workshop, the participants were split into teams and they were assigned group projects, which involved writing codes to solve complex problems such as fireworks animation, language interpretation, matching problems and formal modelling problems (see 

PWSAfrica received a deeply enthusiastic response from the University of Ibadan. Building on this, we are excited to make plans to run further workshops in the budding academic year. This could be at the University of Ibadan, where we could strengthen the relationships already fostered, or expand to other universities in Nigeria and other African countries, so as to empower students elsewhere who might also benefit from a computing science education they are unable to receive at present.

PWSAfrica 2018 team

 PWSAfrica team received a warm welcome from the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, and senior staff of the Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan. Read the news here.

Students in the lab

Student at the board with Fionnuala

Sofiat working with some students

Towards the end of the workshop, the students were divided into groups to work on a project (see here for all the projects). The team pictured below emerged as the winner. Their project involves the design and implementation of a program that automates the allocation of youth corps to states, in the context of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria. 

project presentation