Industry Collaborations

There are many ways for companies to collaborate with us on research and development projects, and to access the knowledge, expertise, skills and technologies of our academic staff.  A selection of those models is detailed below.  

Companies may also wish to access our students and graduates to help build their talent pipeline.

Contact our Business Development Manager, Jill Dykes, to explore your needs and interests further.


Collaborative research and development

Our academic staff collaborate with companies  - applying their research expertise and innovative solutions to business challenges.  Many funding mechanisms exist to support such collaborations, a few of which are detailed below. 

The Data Lab

As one of Scotland's new Innovation Centres, The Data Lab supports collaborations between companies with a presence in Scotland and Scottish Universities around "Big Data"challenges and opportunities.  Glasgow's School of Computing Science, hosts one of The Data Lab hubs, reflecting the array of expertise we have in data science, information retrieval, machine learning, mathematical modelling and other relevant specialisms that can be applied to help companies extract greater value from big data sets, work with and store data more efficiently.  Applications to The Data Lab for funding must be led by companies. Companies must match The Data Lab contribution to the cost of the academic research with cash, or in-kind.

Innovation Vouchers

The Scottish Funding Council, in partnership with Interface - The Knowledge Connection for Business, provide up to £5,000 to fund an initial collaboration between companies and academic researchers.  The application company is required to match this contribution in cash or in-kind.  For full details see,

Innovate UK

Innovate UK fund a wide range of grants and competitions to support business-led research and development. Many of these initiatives support companies to work in partnership with academic experts, or to subcontract R&D work to universities.  Funding calls are usually around specific themes although some grants are open at all times.

Industrially Funded Studentships

Some research challenges require the sustained and dedicated effort of an innovative mind.  Companies can co-fund and support 3-4 year PhD studentships, to engage a student on a research topic, or suite of related projects it has defined and needs to develop its business. Students are co-supervised by the company and an experienced member of academic staff with relevant expertise. Various mechanisms exist to provide the match-funding for such studentships. 

Contract research

Whether through a competitive tender process, or a direct approach to us with a tailored specification, our researchers can be engaged to carry out research and development work on behalf of your organisation, to your specifications.  Companies can directly fund this work themselves, or sub-contract to us when supported by research and development grant schemes such as:



Directly access the expertise of our researchers by engaging them as consultants for specialist and defined pieces of work.  Companies usually self-fund this kind of work, although Innovation Vouchers can be used for this purpose.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable businesses to work together with the University on a specific project, bringing knowledge and expertise from the academic realm into your organisation to help solve important technical or business problems. A KTP Associate - a recently qualified graduate - will work within your business to manage the project, apply their own knowledge, and ensure that University expertise is available to your company. The business will also access the time and expertise of a relevant member of academic staff who will co-supervise the associate and contribute to the project.  For more information about KTPs visit

Continuing Professional Development

Companies can access our wide ranging expertise by engaging us to develop and deliver bespoke courses for their staff, perhaps accessing concentrated components of our degree content, or on more specialised topics arising from our research expertise.  Requirements should be discussed with the School's Business Development Manager, Jill Dykes.