Graduate recruitment and student placements

Our graduates are in high demand, and companies are often looking for ways to promote their opportunities to our students.  We can support this by:

  • advertising your vacancies on our careers portal,
  • hosting and promoting company-specific recruitment drives at the School, whilst advising you on their timing, format and means to attract students,
  • connecting you with student-run activities such as the Glasgow University Tech Society hackathons,
  • inviting you to relevant School-run events, such as our annual Placements Conference. 

The University's Careers Service provides a thorough support service for companies offering graduate positions.  It also runs the The Intenship Club service which can provide funding for industrial internships.  

Please contact Dr Tim Storer and Dr Craig Macdonald regarding any opportunities you would like to promote through the School.


Dr Tim StorerDr Craig Macdonald
Email: Email:
Phone: 0141 330 4970 Phone: 0141 330 6073