Chemical Biology & Precision Synthesis

Complex Chemistry

Chemical Photonics

Energy Conversion and Storage

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Supramolecular, Electronic & Magnetic Systems

Teaching and Scholarship

Emeritus, honorary, and other

Staff administrative roles


    • Adams, Professor Dave (Project coordinator)
    • Boyer, Dr Alistair
    • Bucher, Dr Goetz (School Erasmus Coordinator, Head of Level 1 Synthesis Laboratory)
    • Busche, Dr Christoph
    • Clark, Professor Stephen (School Examinations Officer)
    • Cooke, Professor Graeme
    • Cronin, Professor Lee (Head of Complex Chemistry Section)
    • Docampo, Dr Pablo
    • Docherty, Dr Frances (Class Head for Second Year, Class Head for Chemical Studies, Summer School coordinator)
    • Farnaby, Dr Joy (Coordinator Level 3 MSci Inorganic Presentations)
    • Forgan, Dr Ross (Head of Chemistry Graduate School)
    • France, Dr David (Head of Organic Teaching)
    • Ganin, Dr Alexey (Class Head of Materials Chemistry, Head of Level 2 Quantative Laboratory, Web News and Information Organiser)
    • Gregory, Professor Duncan (Head of Transnational Education)
    • Hargreaves, Dr Justin (Head of School)
    • Hartley, Professor Richard
    • Hedley, Dr Gordon (Head of Level 3 Physical Laboratory)
    • Jackson, Professor David (Class Head for MRes Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis, School Disability Officer, School Complaints Investigation Officer)
    • Jamieson, Dr Andrew (Head of Placement Year)
    • Kadodwala, Professor Malcolm (Head of Dynamics and Structure Section)
    • Koehnke, Dr Jesko
    • Lapthorn, Dr Adrian (Head of Physical Teaching, Class Head for Science Fundamentals)
    • Lennon, Professor David (Head of Heterogeneous Catalysis Section)
    • Long, Dr Deliang (Complex Chemistry Section Safety Officer)
    • Magennis, Dr Steven (Class Head of Third Year)
    • Moiras, Dr Haralampos (Head of Teaching, School Co-ordinator IAESTE Student Exchange Programme)
    • Murrie, Professor Mark (Head of Nanosciences and Material Section)
    • Odedra, Dr Smita (Class Head for Chemical Physics and Chemistry & Mathematics, Head of Level 1 Quantitative Laboratory)
    • Paschke, Dr Beth (Senior Advisor of Studies, Class Head for Organic-I and Organic-II for International Students)
    • Price, Dr Daniel (Class Head for Second Year)
    • Prunet, Dr Joelle (Head of Level 2 Synthesis Laboratory, School Welfare Officer for Postgraduate students)
    • Schmidt, Dr Bernard
    • Senn, Dr Hans (Class Head for First Year, School Seminar Organiser)
    • Skabara, Professor Peter (Head of Energy Conversion and Storage Section, Director of Research)
    • Soler, Dr Linnea (Class Head for Final Year, School Quality Assurance Officer, Chair of Staff-Student Liaison Committee)
    • Sproules, Dr Stephen (PGT Coordinator and MSc Programme Convener)
    • Sutherland, Dr Andrew (Head of Chemical Biology and Precision Synthesis Section)
    • Symes, Dr Mark (Head of Inorganic Teaching, Head of Level 3 Inorganic Laboratory)
    • Thomson, Dr Drew (Organic Section Safety Officer, Chair of School Athena SWAN SAT)
    • Tsuda, Dr Soichiro
    • Vila-Nadal, Dr Laia (Coordinator for Level 3 MSci Essays)
    • Watts, Dr Ciorsdaidh (Head of Level 3 Organic Laboratory)
    • Wynne, Professor Klaas (Principal web publisher for School of Chemistry)