Academic staff (primary affiliation)

Academic staff (primary affiliation)

Malcolm Kadodwala

Professor Malcolm Kadodwala

Gardiner Chair (Chemistry)

Research interests: Spectroscopic investigations of the electronic properties of nanostructured materials on surfaces; the development of new electron-based chirally sensitive spectroscopic techniques; the develop-ment of novel chiroptical spectroscopic probes.

Goetz Bucher

Dr Goetz Bucher

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: Physical organic chemistry; Time-resolved spectroscopy of reactive intermediates and excited states; Matrix isolation spectroscopy; Computational studies of reactive and unusual molecules; Synthesis of unusual molecules

Adrian Lapthorn

Dr Adrian Lapthorn

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests are in using the technique of protein crystallography to elucidate protein structure with an aim to answering important questions on protein function and mechanism. I also have a specific interest in protein-protein interactions.

Hans Senn

Dr Hans Senn

Lecturer in Theoretical & Computational Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Computational studies of enzymatic reactions using combined quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM); transition-metal and organometallic chemistry; QM/MM molecular dynamics; Sampling techniques and free-energy calculations; Modelling of solvation effects

Stephen Sproules

Dr Stephen Sproules

Lecturer in inorganic Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The design and synthesis of coordination compounds with radical ligands for application in spintronic devices, magnetic materials, conductivity, and quantum computing. Magnetometry, electron paramagnetic resonance, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, theoretical calculations.

Klaas Wynne

Professor Klaas Wynne

Chair in Chemical Physics (Chemistry)

Research interests: The physical chemistry of liquids, mixtures, solutions, peptides, and proteins. Phase transitions and nucleation phenomena. Phenomena at equilibrium or very far from it. Femtosecond and terahertz spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging, and confocal Raman microscopy.

Academic staff (secondary affiliation)

Academic staff (secondary affiliation)

Serena Corr

Dr Serena Corr

Reader (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The design, synthesis and full characterisation of functional nanomaterials whose applications include insertion electrodes for energy storage, biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics and electronically responsive materials.

Alexey Ganin

Dr Alexey Ganin

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Chalcogenides for energy applications Large scale production of 2D electronic materials CO2 capture, storage and conversion Solution-based processing into 2D- and 3D functional materials

Steven Magennis

Dr Steven Magennis

Reader in Physical Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The use of single-molecule fluorescence techniques to probe the structure, dynamics and reactivity of biomolecules.

Technical support staff

Technical support staff

Ms Claudia McGregor

D&S Research Technician Claudia McGregor square photo

Research Assistants

Research Assistants

Affar Karimullah

Dr Affar Karimullah

Research Associate (School of Chemistry)

Dr Michael Morten

Research Associate (School of Chemistry)

Christopher Syme

Dr Christopher Syme

Research Associate (Centre for Virus Research)

Mario Gonzalez Jimenez

Dr Mario Gonzalez Jimenez

Research Associate (Chemistry)

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