Chemical Biology & Precision Synthesis

Andrew Sutherland

Dr Andrew Sutherland

Reader (Chemistry)

Research interests: Design of novel PET and SPECT tracers for imaging neurological disease and cancer; development of one-pot multi-reaction, metal catalysed processes for the synthesis of drug-like scaffolds; new amino acid based fluorescent probes for cell imaging.

Alistair Boyer

Dr Alistair Boyer

Royal Society TATA University Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Stephen Clark

Professor Stephen Clark

Chair in Organic Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Synthetic organic chemistry and the development of new synthetic methodology and total synthesis of natural products.

David France

Dr David France

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: The Chemistry we study has lots of different applications, which can be classified into three major themes: Synthetic Strategy, Analytics, and Medicinal Chemistry.

Richard Hartley

Professor Richard Hartley

Professor of Chemical Biology (Chemistry)

Research interests: Chemical biology and therapeutics for cardiovascular disease, inflammation and malaria; Molecular probes and prodrugs; Redox signalling and reactive oxygen species (ROS); Intracellular localization and mitochondria targeting.

Andrew Jamieson

Dr Andrew Jamieson

Reader (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The design and synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics for application in chemical biology and precision medicine.

Robert Liskamp

Professor Robert Liskamp

Chair of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The creation of molecules which can be used for obtaining insights in diseases like infections and cancer, which may also lead to new approaches for their treatment. Protein mimics for synthetic vaccine (HIV, Influenza) or synthetic antibody applications.

Joelle Prunet

Dr Joelle Prunet

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: The synthesis of biologically active natural products, such as taxol, a powerful antitumor agent, or dolabelide C and hexacyclinic acid, molecules with cytotoxic activity.

Drew Thomson

Dr Drew Thomson

Lecturer (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Peptide synthesis. Supramolecular chemistry. Biophysics. Computational peptide design.

Complex Chemistry

Lee Cronin

Professor Lee Cronin

Regius Chair of Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Complex chemical systems derived from non biological building blocks. Molecular Fundamentals, Inorganic Biology, Synthetic Systems and Hybrid Devices. Self-assembly of polyoxometalate systems

Geoff Cooper

Dr Geoff Cooper

Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Research interests: Complex Chemical Systems and Networks, Complexity, Origin of Life, Inorganic Microtubes, Chemical Gardens, Self-Growing Systems, Hybrid Membranes, Inorganic Biology

Emily Draper

Dr Emily Draper

Lecturer in Chemical Robotics and Automation of Chemical Experiments (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Using self-assembled organic supramolecular materials in devices. Focusing in particular on the alignment of these supramolecular assemblies to be used in flexible devices that can be worn on the skin as sensors. New materials for ophthalmic devices and electrochromic devices.

Deliang Long

Dr Deliang Long

Senior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Research interests: Synthetic inorganic chemistry; Cluster materials; Polyoxometalates; Ligand design and metal complexes; Cluster synthesis and properties; Chemical topology; Chemical crystallography

Haralampos Moiras

Dr Haralampos Moiras

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: The investigation and development of metal oxide/chalcogenide based surfaces for energy applications; mesoporous polyoxometalate-based composite materials for oxidative catalysis; the self-assembly of supramolecular compounds with modular functionalities.

Bernhard Schmidt

Dr Bernhard Schmidt

Lecturer in Synthetic Polymer Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The Schmidt research group deals with polymer and colloid chemistry, particularly we focus on three topics: Polymers in aqueous environment Polymer-metal organic framework hybrid materials Reinforced hydrogels

Laia Vila-Nadal

Dr Laia Vila-Nadal

Lecturer in Molecular Metal Oxide Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Using computational methods to study molecular metal oxides. Designing new oxide materials with applications in energy storage, molecular electronics and sensing. Self-assembly mechanisms of inorganic metal oxide materials.

Chemical Photonics

Malcolm Kadodwala

Professor Malcolm Kadodwala

Gardiner Chair (Chemistry)

Research interests: Spectroscopic investigations of the electronic properties of nanostructured materials on surfaces; the development of new electron-based chirally sensitive spectroscopic techniques; the develop-ment of novel chiroptical spectroscopic probes.

Gordon Hedley

Dr Gordon Hedley

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of organic semiconductors, including their photon statistics and spectro/temporal behaviour, Ultrafast time resolved spectroscopy of organic semiconductors, Photophysics of organic photovoltaic & organic light emitting diode materials.

Affar Karimullah

Dr Affar Karimullah

Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Applications of nanotechnology for sensing with specific focus on: Plasmonics and optical sensing techniques; Medical diagnostics and assay development; Plasmonic enhancement and detection of quantum interactions through plasmonic sensors.

Adrian Lapthorn

Dr Adrian Lapthorn

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests are in using the technique of protein crystallography to elucidate protein structure with an aim to answering important questions on protein function and mechanism. I also have a specific interest in protein-protein interactions.

Hans Senn

Dr Hans Senn

Lecturer in Theoretical & Computational Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Quantum chemistry; Molecular simulations; Combined quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) methods; Molecular structure, dynamics, and reactivity; Reaction mechanisms; Computational enzymology; Transition-metal and organometallic chemistry

Stephen Sproules

Dr Stephen Sproules

Lecturer in inorganic Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The design and synthesis of coordination compounds with radical ligands for application in spintronic devices, magnetic materials, conductivity, and quantum computing. Magnetometry, electron paramagnetic resonance, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, theoretical calculations.

Klaas Wynne

Professor Klaas Wynne

Chair in Chemical Physics (Chemistry)

Research interests: The physical chemistry of liquids, mixtures, solutions, peptides, and proteins. Phase transitions and nucleation phenomena. Phenomena at equilibrium or very far from it. Femtosecond and terahertz spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging, and confocal Raman microscopy.

Energy Conversion and Storage

Peter Skabara

Professor Peter Skabara

Ramsay Chair of Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Organic semiconductors for photonic and electronic applications. Design and synthesis of new materials. Organic light emitting diodes, solar cells, field effect transistors. Hybrid lighting and laser devices.

Goetz Bucher

Dr Goetz Bucher

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: Physical organic chemistry; Time-resolved spectroscopy of reactive intermediates and excited states; Matrix isolation spectroscopy; Computational studies of reactive and unusual molecules; Synthesis of unusual molecules

Graeme Cooke

Professor Graeme Cooke

Head of School / Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: The design, synthesis and characterisation of functional molecules, macromolecules and nanoparticles and their assemblies. Organic solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells; Supramolecular polymers and micelles; Biomimetic chemistry and synthetic biology

Alexey Ganin

Dr Alexey Ganin

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Chalcogenides for energy applications Large scale production of 2D electronic materials CO2 capture, storage and conversion Solution-based processing into 2D- and 3D functional materials

Duncan Gregory

Professor Duncan Gregory

Chair in Inorganic Materials (Chemistry)

Research interests: Non-oxide materials, hydrogen storage and sustainable energy materials, inorganic nanomaterials and sustainable materials processing.

Mark Symes

Dr Mark Symes

Senior Lecturer (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Energy conversion in chemical systems; electrical, photochemical and sonochemical inputs to drive chemical reactions; using renewable (or potentially renewable) energy sources to drive unfavourable or slow chemical reactions to deliver fuels and other high-commodity substances.

Heterogeneous Catalysis

David Lennon

Professor David Lennon

Professor of Physical Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Surface chemistry and in particular applying a variety of spectroscopic techniques to probe the interaction of atoms and molecules on well-defined metal surfaces.

Emma Gibson

Dr Emma Gibson

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Developing methodologies to investigate catalytic systems under real life (operando) conditions using a range of synchrotron X-ray and vibrational spectroscopic techniques.

Justin Hargreaves

Professor Justin Hargreaves

Professor of Catalytic Materials Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests are primarily centred around heterogeneous catalysis and, in particular, the elucidation of structure-activity relationships in oxidation reactions catalysed by metal oxide catalysts. Heterogeneous catalysis, materials chemistry, environmental chemistry.

David Jackson

Professor David Jackson

Professor (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests lie in six overlapping areas: metal catalysed hydrogenation; syn-gas production and use; catalyst activation and catalyst deactivation; dehydrogenation; heterogeneous catalysis in fine chemicals synthesis; base catalysis.

Supramolecular, Electronic & Magnetic Systems

Mark Murrie

Professor Mark Murrie

Professor (Chemistry)

Research interests: Magnetic properties, molecular magnets, coordination chemistry, high pressure science, molecular materials, nanoparticles, nanostructures. Our research involves the synthesis and characterisation of new molecular magnetic and nanomagnetic materials.

Dave Adams

Professor Dave Adams

Chair in Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: We are interested in understanding and controlling the self-assembly of small molecules to form a range of different structures. A specific area of interest is self-assembled low molecular weight gelators (LMWG).

Christoph Busche

Dr Christoph Busche

Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Joy Farnaby

Dr Joy Farnaby

Lecturer (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Actinide chemistry for application in low-carbon energy sciences. The design and synthesis of multi-metallic lanthanide and actinide molecules and materials from organometallic building-blocks.

Professor Ross Forgan

Professor of Supramolecular and Materials Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Fundamentals of self-assembly and functionalisation mechanisms of metal-organic frameworks; applying metal-organic frameworks for small molecule binding, sensing, and catalytic activation; drug delivery from surface-functionalised porous nanoparticles.

Steven Magennis

Dr Steven Magennis

Reader in Physical Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: The use of single-molecule fluorescence techniques to probe the structure, dynamics and reactivity of biomolecules.

William Peveler

Dr William Peveler

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Nanoparticle and small molecule development for sensing and diagnostics. Array-based sensing and chemometrics. Liver disease detection.

Teaching and Scholarship

Frances Docherty

Dr Frances Docherty

Lecturer (School of Chemistry)

Smita Odedra

Dr Smita Odedra

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry (School of Chemistry)

Beth Paschke

Dr Beth Paschke

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Daniel Price

Dr Daniel Price

Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

Research interests: We are interested in the complex behaviour of many body systems having different types of interactions. Cooperativity, phase structures and phase behaviour, we are interested in symmetry, structure, patterns, textures, order and disorder, phase transitions and order parameters.

Linnea Soler

Dr Linnea Soler

Lecturer (Chemistry)

Ciorsdaidh Watts

Dr Ciorsdaidh Watts

Lecturer (School of Chemistry)

Emeritus, honorary, and other

Laurence Barron

Professor Laurence Barron

Emeritus Gardiner Professor (Chemistry)

Research interests: Theoretical and experimental studies on electric, magnetic and optical properties of molecules, including Raman optical activity applied to problems in chemistry and structural biology, and fundamental symmetry aspects of chirality and absolute enantioselection.

Professor Paul Braterman

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Joseph Connolly

Professor Joseph Connolly

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Alan Cooper

Professor Alan Cooper

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Andrew Freer

Dr Andrew Freer

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: My current research focus is in the field of biomineralisation. This work stems from a lifetime in crystallography, latterly in protein crystallography where my focus lay in the structure elucidation of membrane and membrane associated proteins.

Chris Gilmore

Professor Chris Gilmore

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Research interests: Emeritus Professor Chris Gilmore has research interests in crystallography especially data mining, pattern matching, the use of mathematical methods and the development of new computer software especially in the area of powder diffraction and electron crystallography.

Dr Richard Horobin

Honorary Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Research interests: QSAR-based ‘design manual’ for guided synthesis of organelle selective agents. Intracellular aggregation of dyes and drugs. Cellular internalisation mechanisms of hydrophilic probes. Pitfalls of current sensors for mitochondrial processes and contents.

Michael Jarvis

Dr Michael Jarvis

Honorary Research Fellow (School of Chemistry)

Research interests: Biological materials like wood and on their constituent polymers like cellulose and lignin; how these structures are assembled and how they determine the remarkable mechanical performance of wood, textile fibres and biopolymer films. Novel spectroscopic and scattering methods.

Ian Pulford

Dr Ian Pulford

Honorary Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Research interests: Heavy metal dispersal in the environment; Peat and organic soils Phytoremediation of heavy metals; Adsorption of heavy metals from contaminated soil and water; Remediation methods for soil and water

Staff administrative roles

  • Adams, Professor Dave (Project coordinator)
  • Boyer, Dr Alistair
  • Bucher, Dr Goetz (School Erasmus Coordinator, Head of Level 3 Organic Laboratory)
  • Busche, Dr Christoph (Coordinator for Level 3 MSci Essays)
  • Clark, Professor Stephen (School Examinations Officer)
  • Cooke, Professor Graeme (Head of School)
  • Cronin, Professor Lee (Head of Complex Chemistry Section)
  • Docherty, Dr Frances (Head of Level 1 Synthesis Laboratory, Summer School coordinator)
  • Farnaby, Dr Joy (Coordinator Level 3 MSci Inorganic Presentations)
  • Forgan, Dr Ross (Joint Head of Level 3 Inorganic Laboratory, Chair of School Athena SWAN SAT)
  • France, Dr David (Head of Organic Teaching)
  • Ganin, Dr Alexey (Head of Level 2 Quantative Laboratory, Web News and Information Organiser)
  • Gregory, Professor Duncan (Head of Transnational Education)
  • Hargreaves, Dr Justin (Head of Inorganic Teaching, Impact Champion)
  • Hartley, Professor Richard (Head of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Section)
  • Hedley, Dr Gordon
  • Jackson, Professor David (School Disability Officer, School Complaints Investigation Officer)
  • Jamieson, Dr Andrew (Head of Placement Year)
  • Kadodwala, Professor Malcolm (Head of Dynamics and Structure Section)
  • Lapthorn, Dr Adrian (Head of Physical Teaching, Class Head for Science Fundamentals)
  • Lennon, Professor David (Head of Heterogeneous Catalysis Section)
  • Liskamp, Professor Robert (Class Head for Third Year)
  • Long, Dr Deliang (Complex Chemistry Section Safety Officer)
  • Magennis, Dr Steven (Head of Level 3 Physical Laboratory)
  • Moiras, Dr Haralampos (Class Head for Chemical Studies, School Co-ordinator IAESTE Student Exchange Programme)
  • Murrie, Professor Mark (Head of Nanosciences and Material Section)
  • Odedra, Dr Smita (Class Head for Chemical Physics and Chemistry & Mathematics, Head of Level 1 Quantitative Laboratory)
  • Paschke, Dr Beth (Head of Teaching, Senior Advisor of Studies, Class Head for Organic-I and Organic-II for International Students)
  • Price, Dr Daniel (Class Head for Second Year, Chair of Staff-Student Liaison Committee, Head of Level 2 Synthesis Laboratory)
  • Prunet, Dr Joelle (School Welfare Officer for Postgraduate students)
  • Senn, Dr Hans (Class Head for First Year, School Seminar Organiser)
  • Skabara, Professor Peter (Head of Energy Conversion and Storage Section, Director of Research)
  • Soler, Dr Linnea (Class Head for Final Year, School Quality Assurance Officer)
  • Sproules, Dr Stephen (PGT Coordinator and MSc Programme Convener)
  • Sutherland, Dr Andrew (Head of Graduate School)
  • Symes, Dr Mark (Joint Head of Level 3 Inorganic Laboratory)
  • Thomson, Dr Drew (Level 2 ITU Coordinator, Organic Section Safety Officer)
  • Tsuda, Dr Soichiro
  • Watts, Dr Ciorsdaidh
  • Wynne, Professor Klaas (Principal web publisher for School of Chemistry)