Dr Becky Bartlett

  • Lecturer (Theatre, Film & Television Studies)
  • Film & TV Teaching Affiliate (School of Culture & Creative Arts)

Research interests

Becky's main research interests are in the field of cult film, with a particular focus on 1950s and 1960s badfilm. Her PhD explored how badness in its various forms is identified, and why certain films have gained cult status due to their incompetence and perceived failure. Since completing her thesis, she has continued to explore how failure and intention are understood and analysed, and has expanded her research to include issues surrounding authorship, changing reputations, reception contexts, and genre in badfilm. She has also recently presented conference papers and written articles about Edward D. Wood, Jr., widely regarded as one of the "worst filmmakers of all time."

Becky's other research interests include the representation of and attitudes towards religion, particularly Christianity, in documentary and fiction films. This interest has led to the development of an original honours module, as well as conference papers and the publication of articles including a chapter in the forthcoming book, New Heart and New Spirit: The Bible Onscreen Since 2004 (W. Clayton, Manchester University Press).

Becky's current research also includes the study of "Hollywood gorilla men" and ape-suit cinema from the 1920s to present day, with a particular focus on issues including performance, anthropomorphism, race, and cult receptions.


Level 1: Looking, Listening, 'Reading' (FTV1011)

Level 1: Key Moments in the Development of Cinema and Television (FTV1010)

Level 2: History, Aesthetics, and Genre (FTV2002)

Level 2: Spectatorship, Audiences, and Identities (FTV2001)

Honours: Cult Film and Television (FTV4091)

Honours: Representations of Faith in Film and Television (FTV4095)

Postgraduate: MLitt Film and Television Core Course (FTV5001)

Additional Information


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