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Ryan is now on the Advisory Board of the A.H.R.C. funded project Community Filmmaking & Cultural Diversity: Practice, Innovation and Policy, which is a collaboration between Brunel University, King’s College London and Birmingham University. He attended a meeting with the project researchers and the other board members at King’s College London in April 2013

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Karen presented a paper for the Liverpool Film Seminar on Monday 15th April 2013, called ‘Microhistory and the amateur film: from artefact to anecdote.’ The paper drew on the film The Chief’s Half Day (W. S.Dobson, 1961).

Karen presented a paper ‘The Amateur Film and the trip to the zoo’ at the conference Amateur Film Archeology : an international conference on the theory, practice and use of amateur films in Vienna, Austria, 21st – 24th  March 2013.

Karen attended the conference British Monarchy on Screen in London, 23rd-24th November 2012. Her paper was called, ‘The Queen has two bodies: amateur film, civic culture and the rehearsal of monarchy’.  The paper drew on the amateur films recording the ‘Guid Nychburris’ festival in Dumfries (from 1932 to the present day) as well as amateur films recording the Queen’s Coronation visit to Glasgow in 1953 and the visit of the Queen Mother to Glenalmond College in 1947. The paper discussed the curious way in which children frequently  dress up and therefore ‘pretend’ to be Queens or Princesses in films of gala days, while they also commonly feature in films recording actual royal visits. The child as symbol and presence in these films therefore seems to operate as a particularly useful ‘effigy’ for these kinds of civic rituals.

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