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We offer postgraduate research students a wide range of options for independent study, from one-year taught degrees to three-year doctoral programmes. In both Theatre Studies and Film and Television Studies, our outward-looking, multi-disciplinary research activities are based on high-quality, challenging and flexible graduate programmes. In undertaking such a programme, you will be joining a thriving and vibrant postgraduate community.

We welcome students from a variety of backgrounds, working on areas of specialist interest using methods from the arts, humanities and social sciences, including, where appropriate, research through practice.

Our research degrees
(all degrees are available in either Film and Television Studies, or Theatre Studies, and all can be taken part-time)

  • PhD (3 years)
  • MLitt (Research) (2 years)
  • MPhil (1 year)
  • MRes (1 year)

An important first step in applying is to locate a supervisor with relevant expertise. A full list of scholars can be found here.

Film & Television scholars:

Theatre Studies scholars:

How to apply for a research degree

We also offer a range of taught postgraduate Masters programmes in both Theatre Studies and Film and Television Studies (for a full list, please see here).

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Screen Seminars at Glasgow

‌‌Film and Television Studies, with generous funding from Screen, hosts a series of regular invited seminars throughout the academic year. Guest speakers are drawn from both the UK and the wider world. They include scholars, filmmakers and a range of other practitioners and professionals from the cultural and creative industries. The seminars provide a forum in which to engage with the latest in cutting edge research, where staff and postgraduates from across the University can participate in lively discussion and explore new ideas.

Screen largeEvent: Document Film Festival, in association with Screen Seminars at Glasgow, presents a full-length (345 mins) screening of La Commune (Paris, 1871)
Date/Time: 21 Oct 2016, 12 noon

Speaker: Dr Michael Cowan, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 25 Oct 2016, 5:15pm
Title: Advertising, Animation, and the Circuits of Control

Speaker: Dr Becky Bartlett, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 9 Nov 2016, 5:15pm
Title: Separation of church and cinema? Interpretation and adaptation in Noah, the "least biblical biblical epic ever made."

Event: Research panel on ‘Film Exhibition: Memories and Histories’ (followed by wine reception and mince pies)
Speakers: Dr Rebecca Harrison, University of Glasgow; Dr Ealasaid Munro University of Glasgow; Dr Ana Salzberg, University of Dundee
Date/Time: 30 Nov 2016, 5:15pm
Titles: Projecting Britain: Domestic and Colonial Film Circulation in World War Two; The Major Minor Cinema and oral histories of cinemagoing in rural Scotland; Classic Films in Care Homes: Memory, Sensation, and Social Connectivity



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