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These five very scarce items, although not directly concerned with political song or with songs of social conscience, serve to enhance an understanding of the role of the performing arts in political debate, and the fact that the Guild was part of the work of the Left Book Club makes them especially interesting.

Author Title Notes
Titterington, John The pay out : a play in one act The play has 9 characters. It describes the development of solidarity amongst the workers in an office. At the end of the play the following excellent advice is offered “There you go – I-I-I – that’s the trouble. It’s the wrong word. Don’t say I, say We and then you’ll get somewhere. The men were no use until they got together”. 16 pages
Allen, John and Harrisson, Tom Swelling the Labour vote This play does include 5 brief skittish campaigning songs, all using well known tunes and lyric structures; the Production Notes include the admirable advice that “The singing should on no account be shirked”! The play contains many statistics, and the title page states “Facts and statistics supplied by Mass Observation”. 25 pages.
Williams, Leyshon The son of the house The play has 5 characters – a working man about 50 years old, his wife, son and daughter in law, and the daughter in law’s brother, and is set in “A living-room, such as would be found in the house of a steady working-man”. The son, Ted, is long term unemployed, and his family discover that he has turned to stealing and picks locks for a gang, not for the money, but because the gang depends on him and his “hands that nobody else cares a hang about”. 31 pages
[not given] Union label Set in “Any shop where sweatshop conditions prevail”. The characters are “Six girls who work in the shop, and Williams, their boss”. In several places the text has been amended in pencil. 12 pages.
Rapoport, I The art of the actor “Translated from the Russian by Herbert Marshall”. An essay on the various skills required by an actor, such as “organic attention”, “creative fantasy”, and “stage inter-influence”! The item contains 2 folded typescript pages of the start of a play set outside an air-raid wardens hut. 32 pages
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The following list covers a small percentage of the several hundred sheets, pamphlets, and books comprising lyrics and music of political song. As usual with Janey’s materials the range is eclectic, fascinating, and important for research purposes – especially the many rare items included.

Please note that the list is not currently showing all of the items in this collection as information is still being collated.

Full contents listings to be added

No. Title Author, Artists, etc. Publisher Pub. Date Notes
1 Songs Of The Spanish Civil War   Oldham Leisure services 1986 Songsheet. Words & music. Oldham men who fought in Spain. 1936-38.
3 War, Lies and Lives. J.F. Donaldson   2006 Various songs & correspondence
6 Pocket Songbook-Worker’s Music Association.   Workers’ Music Association. 1948 Booklet (96 pages) Words & music. 100 Songs.
7 Not Quite the End of the GLC Show     1984 Pamphlet. 13 songs. Political Satire.
8 Songs of the Irish Nation Various Felix McGlennon Ltd. n/d Booklet (64 pages) 45 songs. Words only. Patriotic
9 The Socialist Sunday School Song Book Various The National Council of British Socialist Sunday School Unions 1957 Booklet. (116 pages) 116 songs. Words only.
13 The Book of Words Various Workers’ Music Association n/d Booklet. (39 pages) Labour movement poems & songs.
15 IWW. Worker’s Singalong Book. Entertainment Workers. The Industrial Workers of the World. 1972 Pamphlet (8 pages) Labour union songs. Words only.
16 The James Connelly Songbook Various The Cork Workers’ Club n/d Booklet. (29 pages) 23 Irish political songs. Words only.
17 Rebel Ceilidh Song Book Various Mozart Allan 1966 Booklet. (34 pages) Scottish patriot rebel songs. Words only.
18 Rego and Polikoff Strike Songs Rego and Polikoff Strikers Centreprise, Stepney Books 1983 Booklet (30 pages) Clothing workers strike songs. Words only.
19 Peace Songbook Various   2003 Pamphlet (20 pages) 45 CND anti war songs. Words only.
22 Socialist Song Book Various Manchester Militant 1983 Booklet. (60 pages) Militant workers songs. Words only.
23 U.C.S. Matt McGinn     n/d Pamphlet. (3pages) Short article on McGinn + song.
26 Songs for Peace Various Songs for Peace Dec. 1993 Booklets. Folk music articles + song sheets.
28 N.U.J. Song Sheet Various N.U.J. 1991 Leaflets. 7 anti Robert Maxwell songs. Words only.
29 Ballad of Today Hanns Eisler London Labour Choral Union n/d Sheet music. Vocal score (8 pages)
32 Songs From The Depression. Mike Seeger, New Lost City Ramblers Folkways Records & Service Corp. 1959 Pamphlet (12 pages) American Depression. Words only.
34 I’ll Have 42 Students Again Next Year Clara Ford United Mine Workers Journal n/d Leaflet. Parody of song ‘Sixteen Tons’
35 Kasual Kantatas Karl The National Labour Press n/d Book. (90 pages) Political satire of poem and illustration
36 Ballads of World War II Hamish Henderson The Lili Marlene Club of Glasgow c.1947 Booklet. (48 pages) Army songs. Some in foreign language. Words only.
37 Let’s Sing in The National Interest.     n/d Booklet (12 pages) Songs of modern day problems & war
39 Chants of Labour Edward Carpenter Swan Sonnenschein & Co. 1888 Booklet. (55 songs) Working class labour songs. Words & music.
40 The Ninety – Eight Song Book Various Irish Book Bureau n/d Booklet. (32 pages) Irish rebel songs. Words only.
41 Socialist Song Sheet Various   n/d 1 page. 6 songs. Words only
42 Folk National and Art Songs. Book III Hugh Hunter & Riddell Hunter Bayley & Ferguson Ltd. 1926 Booklet. 28 songs. For schools. Words & music.
43 13 Classical Songs Various Novello & Co. 1951 Booklet. 13 Songs. Words & music.
44 Songs of Peace Various C.E. Ratcliffe n/d. Pamphlet. 15 Songs. Peace themes.
47 Songs of the People   The University Labour Federation n/d Booklet. 29 workers songs. Some foreign languages
48 Brigadas Internacionales Canciones Various   c1937 Book. (101 pages) Spanish Civil War songs. Words & music. English + foreign languages.
49 1916 Song Book Various Irish Book Bureau n/d Booklet. (32 pages) Irish rebel songs. Words only.
50 Army Life   John Foreman & Ron Baugh n/d Leaflet. Humorous verse
52 ‘Sit Down’ Maurice Sugar Grass Roots Bookshop 1937 Leaflet. Sheet music & words.
Auto workers song.
54 We Shall Overcome Z. Horton, F. Hamilton, P. Seeger Essex Music Ltd. 1960 Pamphlet. Sheet music and words.
55 The Riot; or, Half a Loaf is Better Than no Bread Hannah More Cheap Repository c1792 Sheet of 14 verses complaining of lack of food.
56 Students’ songs     n/d 4 sheets.7 pages .17 songs. Words only.
57 Irish, Republican & Anti-Royalty Songs   Solidarity n/d Booklet. 15 songs. Verse only.
59 Pity the Downtrodden Landlord B. Woolf Workers’ Music Association n/d Sheet music. Cynical verse & music.
61 (No title) Song Sheet.     n/d 4 misc. songs. Verse only.
62 (No title) American Civil War Songs     n/d 4 songs. Verse only.
63 Shirel Tzofim Benomin     n/d 1 Song. 13 verses. Words only.
64 The Peeler and the Goat.
Shule Agra
Aubrey Bowman
Matyas Sieber
  n/d Sheet music.2 Songs.
65 For Peace and Right Cecil Pace. Peter Cote. People’s Songs 1938 Sheet music. Words & music.
66 Battle Hymn of the New Socialist party Leon Rosselson   n/d Leaflet. Music and verse.
67 Moscow Metro Saul & Lantz   n/d Leaflet. Verses only.
68 Youth B. Woolf Workers’ Music Association n/d Song sheet. Music & verse.
69 The Internationale Muriel Davenport London Workers’ Committee 1919 Song sheet. Music & verse.
70 The Internationale E. Pottier Workers’ music Association n/d Song booklet. 8 pages. Music & verse.
71 Lift every Voice and Sing
Willie McGee’s Goodbye
    n/d Leaflet. 2 Negro freedom songs. Verse only.
72 Eden’s Garden. Who Will Love.     n/d Leaflet.15 Songs. Verse only
73 Camp Wyandot, Inc.     n/d Leaflet. 5 working class songs.
74 Hold the Fort. Acres of Clans     n/d Leaflet. 4 working songs. Words only.
75 The House I Live In     n/d Leaflet. 9 Verses. Words only.
76 The Happy Engineer. The Engineers Theme Song Bro. Wal Hannington   n/d 2 leaflets. 2 songs. Words only.
77 Songs for the Aldermaston March. Various Sing 1960 n/d Pamphlet. 9 Songs. Words only.
78 Songs of the Labour Movement. No. 30. Various History Group. Communist Party Summer 1963 Booklet. 21 Pages. Text & song verses. No music.
79 British Pensioners’ Trade Union Action Association. Barbara Alford   n/d 2 Song sheets. 5 Songs. Words only.
80 Zupfgeigenhansel Various   n/d Pamphlet. 10 Pages. Abbreviated Jewish history with 11 songs. Words only
81 London Strike Songs Beth Shaw   Nov. 2002 6 Songs. Words only. Set to pop tunes.
82 The Boys of Barr Na Sraide Sigerson Clifford   n/d Songsheet. 1 Song. Irish rebel song.
83 The John Maclean March Hamish Henderson Scottish Workers’ Music Association 1948 Songsheet. Words & music.
84 Proletcult Various Proletarian College 1942 Workers’ songbook. 14 Songs. Words & music.
86 Proletcult Various Proletarian college 1945 Workers’ songbook. 58 Songs. Words only
88 Rebel Songs Thurso Berwick   n/d Songsheet. 3 S.R.A Songs. Words only.
89 Pjesma Mrtvih Proletera Silvije Bombardelli   n/d Vocal score. Music & words. Croatian composer.
90 Men Of Blackmoor Alan Bush   n/d Opera in 3 acts.
91 Wat Tyler Alan Bush   n/d Opera in 2 acts.
92 The Song of the Lower Classes Ernest Jones   n/d Songsheet. 5 verses. Words only.
93 More Rebel Songs For Sixpence Various Lansbury’s Labour Weekly n/d Booklet. 16 worker songs. Words & music.
94 Sing Various   1955. 1961.  
95 Socialist Songs Various Labour Literature Society, Ltd. 1893 Book. 88 Songs compiled by J. Bruce Glasier.
96 Maybe, We Ain’t Got It Bro. Wal Hannington   n/d A.E.U. Songsheet. 7 Verses. Words only.
98 Poetry & Song. (The Irish Democrat) Various   1962 4 Irish rebel songs. Words only.
99 The ‘No Evictions’ Songbook   The Workers’ Music Association Singers n/d Songsheet. 6 Songs. Words only.
100 Four Songs Hanns Eisler Workers’ Music Association n/d Booklet. Words & music.
102 Oh, Great Eternal Wisdom Hall Johnson   n/d 1 sheet. 2 Peace Songs.
103 My Miner Lad Matyas Seiber Workers’ Music Association Ltd. 1953 Vocal score.
104 Pioneers Of Rochdale Frank Crome Workers’ Music Association Ltd. 1944 Co-Operative Centenary song. Words & music.
105 Listen Mr. Truman     n/d American Union Song. Words only.
106 A Singer’s Notebook.
Sing A Song Of England
John Hasted
Reginald Nettel
  n/d Short book, song & club review.
107 Build Wide Your Prison Walls     n/d 1 Sheet. Protest song. Words only.
108 Labour Song Sheet I. L. P. Francis Johnson n/d 14 Songs. Words only.
109 Heav’n right Now Hall Johnston   1950 Vocal Score
110 Recueil No 1. Les Chants De La Jeunesse     n/d Song sheet. 6 French songs. Spanish Civil War.
111 Recueil no. 11. Les Chants De La Jeunesse     n/d Song sheet. 5 French songs. Spanish Civil War.
112 Parodies For Peace     n/d 27 Anti-nuclear songs. Words only.
113 Ding Dong Dollar   Glasgow Song Guild 1962 Booklet.14 Anti-Polaris Songs. Words only.
114 Garscadden Jingles   J. Allison n/d Labour Party support songs for Norman Buchan.
117 Sing our own song : Workers’ Party Youth songbook   Workers’ Party Youth 1987 Pamphlet, 26 songs, some traditional, some original. Lyrics and chord guides
118 Toulon Honor Arundel. Ben Frankel Workers’ Music Association 1942 Songsheet. Words & music. German attack on Toulon
119 Songbook for British Youth Various Workers’ Music Association 1951 Booklet. 8 Songs. Words & music. World Youth Festival.
120 Popular Soviet Songs Various Workers’ Music Association 1941 Booklet. 7 Songs. Words & music.
121 Chinese National Anthem Tien Han Workers’ Music Association 1951 Songsheet. Words & music.
122 Songs From Aldermaston Various   n/d Booklet. 19 Songs. Words only. Nuclear disarmament protest songs.
123 Songs For May 1st Various Workers’ Music Association n/d Songsheet. 11 Labour songs. Words only.
124 Hi, Sister, Hi, Brother! Joe Wallace New Frontiers 1956 Booklet. Political verse.
125 Matt McGinn       Songsheet. 5 Verses. Words only. SNP candidate.
126 Profumo Broadside Matt McGinn   n/d Songsheet. 7 Verses. Words only.
127 MUA Here to Stay Various   1998 Songsheet. 16 Songs. Words only. Australian docks dispute.
128 Songs of Unemployment   The One Big Union Centre n/d Pamphlet. 7 Songs. words only.
129 Peace is Union Business   Blue Mountains Union Council n/d Pamphlet. 13 songs. Words only.
130 Keep The Lion Rampant. Robert Burnett Robert Burnett 1968 Pamphlet. 5 Songs. Words only.
132 Songs of the people Various Workers Library Publishers 1937 Book of political songs. Words & music.
133 Songs of the People Various The University labour Federation n/d Pamphlet. 29 Songs. Words only.
134 Garland Various Garland 1974 Pamphlet. 12 Workers songs. Words & music.
135 Songs of Hope & Survival Various Hackney Y.C.N.D. & Y.S. n/d Booklet. Trade union, & C.N.D. Songs. Words only.
137 The New Anti-Nuclear Songbook   Mushroom & Peace News. 1982 + Booklet. 34 songs. Words and some music.
138 The Game’s A Bogey John McGrath EUSPB 1975 Book. Script of play by 7:84 theatre Company.
139 Chinese Students’ March Sien Singhai Workers’ Music Association n/d Sheet music.
140 Songs For Peace Various   n/d Booklet. 41 CND songs. Words only.
142 Purple Poms     1999 Leaflet. Political Song
143 Ireland’s Own Song Book   Mozart Allan n/d Booklet. 15 Irish Songs. Words only.
145 Stand Together. New Songs-New Times Various Hackney & Islington music Workshop 1976 2 songbooks. Words & music.
146 That’s Not the Way It’s Got To Be Leon Rosselson Sing Publications 1974 Political Songbook. Words & music.
150 History of the ILGWU in Song & Poem. ILGWU   1957 Booklet. Songs. Words only
151 I Can Sing Don Henderson Horwitz Publications    
152 Culture, Kultur, Cultura. Barbara Berch Jamison   2000 Protest songs. 1950-2000.
153 Scottish Rebels Songs Jim McLean Socialist Review Publishing Co.Ltd. 1968 Songbook. 25 Songs. Words & music.
154 Red & Green Songs No. 3 Various   1970 Political Songbook. Words & music.
159 Sanity Songsheet Various   n/d Songsheet. 31 songs for Aldermaston. words only.
161 Fall In or Fall Out Various Sing 1961 1961 Songsheet. 9 Songs. Words only
163 Camp Wyandot. Sing Out.     1953 U.S. Children’s campfire songs.
164 Pergamon NJU Rally     8th June ? Pamphlet. Map & 3 Songs. Words only.
165 The Internationale Helen F. Bantock Paxton 1941 Sheet music
166 The Song of Israel Ephraim Talmi Israeli Music Publications 1951 Sheet Music
167 The Bold Fenian Men Fergus Fleming   n/d Pamphlet. Sectarian song.
168 Canciones de las Brigadas Internacionales Various   1938 Songsheets. Spanish civil war songs. Words & music.
169 Haynau’s Defeat or The Battle of the Draymen   G.H. Davidson 1850 Sheet music + Description of Incident.
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