Wedding in the Memorial Chapel

Issued: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 11:25:00 BST

Yanling Zhu, who is entering the third year of her PhD in CCPR, married fellow doctoral student Louie Liu in the University’s Memorial Chapel on 25 August. The service was conducted by Pamela Clocherty of the Humanist Society of Scotland.

Given the restrictions in place during the pandemic, only twenty could be present to witness this beautiful event. The couple adopted the ancient Celtic tradition of the handfast when taking their vows. They look forward to when they can travel freely and fully realise their ambitions. 

As Yanling’s parents could not be present, she asked her supervisor, Professor Philip Schlesinger, to walk her down the aisle. He said: ‘It was a great honour and an immense privilege for me stand in for the father of the bride. And I’m all too aware that it was a very poignant substitution.