Tara Beall

  • PhD candidate

Theatre Studies

email: t.beall.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research summary

My practice-led research aims to develop and map new engagement strategies for museums and heritage institutions using creative events and performance practices, working collaboratively with and within local publics. Broadly, the research focuses on performative, collaborative, and participatory practices as they intersect within contemporary museology, fine art, and performance discourses. It also intersects with conversations around regeneration, 'placemaking', and increasing collaboration with/in disparate local networks.

The practice-led research projects I initiated in 2013 were devised by four 'teams', each comprised of staff from Glasgow Museums / Riverside Museum and local publics. These teams collectively researched and delivered a series of events, and activities which sought to uncover hidden histories, and to re-imagine local heritage trails in Govan. An additional team highlighted the impact of travelling Showpeople and Fairground heritage on Glasgow and Scotland, and developed a participatory 'living-history' museum and public art event called 'Behind the Scenes at the Fair'.

Govan’s hidden histories practice-as-research project blog (2012-present).

Fair Glasgow practice-as-research project blog.

Artist publications




  • UWS Creative Futures Institute, via RSE-funded Interdisciplinary & Cross-Institutional Research Network Regeneration & Waterfront Heritage Zones in Northern Europe, 2015, £800, funding towards conference expenses and study visit to Gdansk, Poland
  • Glasgow Museums, 2013, £3,000, funding for implementation of practice-as-research projects
  • Govan Townscape Heritage Initiative, 2013-14, £10,000, funding for production of practice-as-research outcomes including Govan Trumps playing cards
  • Glasgow Housing Association, 2013-14, £7,000, funding for production of practice-as-research outcomes, including Govan Trumps workshops in local schools
  • Glasgow City Council, 2013-14, £5,000, funding for production of practice-as-research outcomes, including Govan Trumps and schools workshops
  • NHS, 2013, £1,000, funding for production of practice-as-research outcomes
  • HLF, 2013, £52,000, portions of an intangible cultural heritage project which engaged members of the Showpeople community in the celebration and dissemination of findings about the impact of Fairground culture on Glasgow, Scotland and the UK – working with The Riverside Museum and Glasgow Museums. Total grant funded a variety of activities, including expenses for the Fair Glasgow Museums Working Group and the 'Behind the Scenes of the Fair' public art event and external museum display, which was staged both within and outside the Riverside Museum. The event celebrated and highlighted the impact of Showpeople's heritage on Glasgow and Scotland.
  • Level 2: Modernism to Postdramatic 


Artist publications which are outcomes of current research are available online here: www.issuu.com/t.s.beall


Museums Association, College Art Association, Scottish Artists Union

Board of Directors of Glasgow Sculpture Studios 2010-present
Board of Directors of New Media Scotland 2008-2014


Exhibitions and Public Art Events

Atelier Public, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, 2014

Behind the Scenes at the Fair, a public art event and living history museum display highlighting the impact of Showpeople and Fairground heritage on the city of Glasgow, Riverside Museum, 6-8 December 2013

Re-imagining the Govan Heritage Trail – a series of guided walks hosted November 2013, connecting the Riverside Museum with Govan’s riverside

Strong Women o’ Govan: Protests and Suffragettes – A guided walk and protest action hosted November 2013 by the Women’s Histories Team, highlighting women’s roles in the 1915 Rent Strikes, the 1971 UCS Work-In, and more recent protests, Riverside Museum

Nothing About Us About Us Without Us, lead artist in collaboration with Matt Baker, a public art event staged 28 April 2012, as part of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Hosted on the Clyde Riverfront, by the Riverside Museum and Govan riverside


Nominated for Creative Scotland award in 2012 for Nothing About Us Without Us is for Us, public art event in collaboration with Matt Baker

Conferences & Talks

Engage Scotland symposium 2012 – Working in the Public Realm (as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art)

Glasgow Museums Annual Collections Research Conference (26 Oct 2012)

(Talk) Velocity Talk Series, Lighthouse, Glasgow, 23 January 2014

Arts & Communities Conference, Dundee, 21 February 2014

Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum, Govan Alliance for Action Symposium, 14 March 2014

LEM (Learning Museum Network) Conference / Study Day, Riverside Museum, 24 March 2014

Swedish Creative Communities Forum, 31 March 2014

Theatre Studies PhD Research Symposium, University of Glasgow, 8 May

Commonwealth Museums Conference (CAM), Scotland Street Museum, 16 May 2014

Museums Association Show and Tell: New Approaches to Display and Interpretation, St. Mungo's Museum, Glasgow, 12 June 2014

Glasgow Museums Research Conference, Glasgow, 31 October 2014

University of Glasgow College of Arts Knowledge Exchange Presentation, Glasgow, 11 February 2015

Govan Partick Design Charrette, Glasgow, 3 March 2015


Regeneration of Waterfront Heritage Zones and Community Participation: Lessons from Glasgow, Govan and Gdansk

  • Symposium, Govan, 7-9 June 2015
  • Conference and collaborative visit, Gdansk, Poland, August 2015, organised by the University of the West of Scotland’s Creative Futures Institute, School of Media, Culture and Society, via RSE-funded Interdisciplinary and Cross-Institutional Research Network Regeneration & Waterfront Heritage Zones in Northern Europe