Jonathan White

Research title: Investigating Concepts of Presence Through Uses of the Recorded Voice Onstage.

Research Summary

Contemporary audio technology allows performers to instantly record, replay, fragment and manipulate human voices. This is transforming experiences of self and blurring relationships between past, present and future time onstage. 

I will use digital audio technology to investigate how recordings of my voice can be made, manipulated and projected to appear present alongside me. In doing so, I will reveal how notions of being present onstage are entwined with ideas of making and having presence (Power, 2008) and dispute the claim that recorded voices are simply dead objects with no self awareness (Sterne, 2003).

My research will expose a gap surrounding essential and post-structural ideas of self, time and presence, to be filled by my technology-led investigation of performer presence.


  • University of Glasgow College of Arts PhD Scholarship