Jingmei Ouyang

Research title: Representations of China in Transnational Documentary Cinema

Research Summary

I intend to analyze diverse representations of China in different transnational documentary films. The critical discussion will base on the perspectives of narratives, aesthetics, politics. I consider “documentary” as a “dialogue” among different subjects and objects: director-audience, body-mind, native and non-native. From the cut of national narratives and international narratives, it could be more practical to explore how dialogues take place under the global context (especially from the point of the documentary). On the other hand, documentary-as a subtle media art is regarded as a way of expression/communication, which is a product mixed aesthetic imagination and political strategies. From the outside to the inside, beyond representation, how the conceptual constructions of the national image were completed with various frames embodied in transnational documentaries. In the research, theories of film narratology will be used in the section of narratives to deal with textual analysis on film texts. And cross-culture communication will be taken as an academic approach/a theoretical model to further discuss the reasons for the outcome of diverse representations of China in selected transnational documentary films. In particular, the model of encoding/decoding will be supplementarily used to interpret the relation of dissemination and reception on China’s representations (national images).


  • University of Glasgow/China Scholarship Council Joint Scholarship