Research Summary

The development of the BBC on-demand strategy, 2007-2019: Public value in BBC iPlayer and the challenge from on-demand media. 

This research seeks to define, describe and discuss and understand the process of strategy development and implementation in response to the challenges posed by on-demand media to the institutional framework of the BBC. The research will investigate and analyse the BBC’s strategic reaction to the threats posed to the institutional framework. Further, to compare, discern and use pertinent theoretical and policy viewpoints and argumentation in assessing qualitative case studies related to BBC strategy and the response to streaming media to form conclusions. Finally, the research seeks to apply communication-scientific theories to the conclusions to establish if the framework remains viable.

The research is an investigation of strategy development at the BBC from the launch of BBC iPlayer in 2007 until the launch of the BBC online creative archive in 2019. The study proposes to explore how and why the BBC developed BBC iPlayer as a catch-up television service. The research will focus on how the BBC engaged with the disruption caused by on-demand media, concerning the norms and values of the institutional framework of the BBC. It will consider what were the narratives of the strategy development and the legitimacy of the BBC. The research will investigate how BBC relevance and legitimacy shaped on-demand strategy implementation by the BBC. Further, it will consider to what extent marketisation of the BBC has impacted on the on-demand strategy development and the extent to which commercial exploitation of the online cultural archive has disrupted the institutional legitimacy of the BBC.

The research will seek to identify a relationship between the culture and organisational legitimacy of the BBC and how these discourses have evolved historically, specifically:

• What did the BBC rely on in the creation of an on-demand strategy?
• How was the process for the BBC's on-demand strategy developed?

Using written archives from BBC and their regulators, this study will acknowledge the historical concept of the institutional framework of the BBC and the period 2007-2019 which underpinned the strategic decisions in response to the disruption from on-demand media. The study will investigate indicators within the discourses using methodological, institutional and normative approaches; and it will analyse these concerning on-demand media disruption to the established norms and values of the BBC. The study will attempt to establish the specific nature of the discourses in response to perceived threats to the BBC. The focus will be on the actions of the key players in their response to disruption, the institutional response to disruption and if the identified values have evolved over-time. This study will enquire if the BBC's on-demand discourses sustained the relationship between the organisation and the established norms in society.


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