Hailey Maxwell



Hailey is broadly interested in critical theory, intellectual history and avant-garde art and literature. Her present research arises out of a long-standing interest in the historical avant-garde, Georges Bataille and his influence and legagcy within French critical thought. 

Hailey has written for various online and print publications such as 3:AM Magazine, Age of RevolutionsCABLE and the LSE Review of Books

She is a co-founder and Senior Researcher at the Centre of Unsuccessful Submissions.

Hailey is a member of British Association of Modernist Studies (BAMS), the Society for French History and participates in the Dada & Surrealism Research Group led by Edinburgh College of Art.

Hailey obtained MA History of Art (Hons) (2013) and MLitt Art, Politics, Transgression: 20th Century Avant-Gardes (2014) both from the University of Glasgow and in 2014 was awarded the Andrew Millar Prize for History for her postgraduate taught dissertation 'Metaphor and Myth: Georges Bataille and André Masson 1929-1938.'

Research title

Paris Between the Wars: Radical Art, Community and the Sacred

Research summary

Hailey's thesis considers Bataille's hugely influential, mutli-modal output during the 20s and 30s as co-produced and influenced by figures including Colette Peignot, Carl Einstein, André Masson and Pierre Klossowski. In particular, this thesis examines the development and expression of the sacred, a concept central to the thought of Georges Bataille and his collaborators during the interwar period and considers creative practices of the avant-garde which manifest and express these theories of the sacred. 



Hailey's continued study has been made possible by a number of grants and bursaries: 

Scottish International Education Trust 2015-2018

Clark-Mile End Bursary 2016-17

Sutherland Page Trust 2016-17

Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust 2015-16

Fran Trust Travel Grant June 2017, September 2018



 Conference Presentations:

  • ‘Political Sovereignty and the Return to Order in the Avant Garde’  European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernist Studies (EAM) 6th International Conference 'Modernism(s) and Realism(s)' 5-7th September 2018   University of Münster 

  • "Florid Bullfights and the Stages of Laure" History of Art Postgraduate Symposium May 2018  University of Glasgow.
  • 'The Exquisite Corpse: the Social Body in Surrealist Play' Dada 1916-2016: A Century in Revolt 3rd November 2016, Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow 
    Also co-organised the postgraduate panel at the conference.  
  • ‘Zurich Dada and Nationalism’ GRAMnet (Glasgow Refugee and Migrant Network) Research Open Day 2016, University of Glasgow

  • ‘Surrealist Collaborative Play’ written as part of a Group Critical Writing Residency curated by Cooper Gallery at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.
    Paper was presented at 12-Hour Jamming Symposium Friday 25 July 2014, part of GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. 

Participation by attendance


Level 1 History of Art – Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Additional information

2017 Peer reviewer  eSharp 'Rise and Fall' Spring issue

2013/2014 academic year Editor-in-Chief GUM

2011-2012 Arts Editor TLG Magazine