frederic brayard

Research title

(Un)folding control, performance, real and virtual in French cinema:

Research summary

My project attempts to explore how contemporary films produce assemblages which reveal new regimes of time. My aim is to theorise contiguity within a digital cinema understood as ‘a continual stream of code’ (Barker 2012), in which ‘nothing matters’ and where ‘space and time are continuous’ (Brown, 2013). By focusing my analysis on films which engage with the processing of ‘real life’ elements together with fictitious cinematographic narrations, I aim to study how they mediate multiple temporalities and simultaneous becomings. I seek to analyse digital cinematographic times which assemble and organise juxtapositions of various presentness and unresolved appearances.


  • International Lisbon Conference on Philosophy and Film, May 2014: Varda’s Jacquot de Nantes as Demy’s Dying Body Without Organs