Chelsea Victoria G Birks

Chelsea Birks

As the ecological crisis increases in intensity, we are beginning to realize that we urgently need to reconsider our relationship with the environment. Discourses from across disciplines, from science to politics to the humanities, are answering this demand by engaging with ecological questions and problematizing the hierarchical position of humans over nature. My dissertation situates itself within these discourses, focusing in particular on the ways that art cinema is responding to the ecological crisis. I argue that certain contemporary art films can be described as limit cinema: these films operate at the boundary between the human and the nonhuman, blurring the lines between nature and culture and reframing our relationship to aspects of existence in excess of human thought.
       In taking a film-philosophical approach, I explore not only what philosophy might be able to say about ecological aspects of contemporary film, but also what films can contribute to philosophical discussions of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Central to my methodology is the work of Georges Bataille: I argue that Bataille’s ideas of transgression, unreason, and inner experience have the potential to provide new and radical ways of understanding how the beyond-human can be evoked through cinema. Bataille’s thought is given an ecological focus and brought into dialogue with more recent philosophical movements, including speculative realism and object-oriented ontology. Drawing on contemporary examples from filmmakers such as Ben Wheatley, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Peter Bo Rappmund, and Lars von Trier (among others), I investigate the ways that cinema can gesture towards what is beyond our limits, even as it necessarily remains circumscribed by human understanding. 

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  • 2017: First Place SCMS Student Writing Award, 'Ontology, Speculative Realism, and the Cinematic Apparatus.' 500$ prize and publication forthcoming in Cinema Journal
  • 2017: School of Culture and Creative Arts Research Support Award, University of Glasgow
  • 2016: College of Arts Research Support Award, University of Glasgow
  • 2016: School of Culture and Creative Arts Research Support Award, University of Glasgow
  • 2014: College of Arts Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Glasgow
  • 2012: SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Master’s Scholarship
  • 2011: Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, University of British Columbia
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FTV 5060, Mlitt 'Advanced Topics in Film Studies,' Winter 2017. Block One: Ecology and Ethics

FTV 4004, 'Film Analysis,' Fall 2015 and Fall 2016.