Baihua Ren

Research title

The Water Mill ? Authentication of Jiehua

Research summary

This dissertation briefly describes the features and history of Jiehua, particularly analyzing a famous jiehua masterpiece Water Mill at The Dam into several aspects (including characters, architectures, events, seals, inscriptions, mounting and related literature, etc), which is in the collection of The Shanghai Museum.
Moreover, by contrasting it with other distinguished jiehua, history of architecture, history of science, technology in Song and Yuan Dynasties, content and creative time of Water Mill at The Dam would be tentatively interpreted in the conclusion.


  • Liu Meilan Scholarship, 03/11/2015, 500 pounds, a scholarship for history of ancient Chinese art research

Additional information

Scholarship Award: Second Academic Dissertation Prize (top 3%, 2013)
Third Academic Essay Prize (top 5%, 2012)
Second-class Scholarship Award (top 5%, 2012)
Third-class Scholarship Award (top 10%, 2011) 

Exhibitions: "Pictured and Seen: Objects in Portraits" Exhibition, The Montacute House, Yeovil, The UK (06/2014-11/2015)
"Allegory and Allusion" Exhibition, Bristol, The UK (06/2014-04/2015)
"Paper Area" Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China (01/2012-02/2012)
The First “Footprint and Youth” Exhibition of CAFA, Beijing, China (03/2011-06/2011)