Abdul Hadi Bin Che Hassan

Abdul Hadi Bin Che Hassan

Centre for Cultural Policy Research (CCPR)

Email: hadiaqasha@gmail.com

Research Title

The influence of mobile communications and second screen phenomena on Malaysian society.

Research Summary

The aim of this research project is to examine the effects of mobile communications within Malaysian society. The research will discover the elements of mobile media and their connection to the social media era and closely examines the major components in relation to the adoption of new technology in society. It focuses on how mobile media evolved, and how these effects can benefit Malaysian society. This research also will investigate the impact of social media platforms in relation to television viewing behaviour. Overall, the research will be linked to the current topic of the ‘second screen’, which will explore how second screen has synchronised with and complemented television screen content. Through this research, two research questions will be answered; i) How mobile communications and second screen phenomena have influenced television viewing in Malaysia? and; ii) What are the key trends of television viewing and social media consumption towards the evolution of broadcasting and creative industry in Malaysia?


  • Ministry of Education, Malaysia 


1) Workshop 2017: The Future of Media Content: Interventions and Industries in the Internet Era – 15-16 September 2017, Norwich, UK.

2) Malaysian Students Conference and Research Showcase 2017, United Kingdom Theme: Unleashing Your Academic and Research Potentials – 13 May 2017, University of Edinburgh.