Women’s identity and creativity celebrated at inaugural Glasgow Feminist Arts Festival

The first Glasgow Feminist Arts Festival (GFAF) will run from 16 - 18 November at the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts, with a programme that brings together local, national and international artists to celebrate women’s identity and creativity.

The festival, founded in 2017 by Dr Rebecca Harrison in response to the #MeToo campaign, aims to be an intersectional and inclusive feminist platform that showcases women’s work in the creative arts. Film takes centre stage in the 2018 programme which features work highlighting the challenges women face as a result of their identity, whether that pertains to gender, race, sexuality, class, disability, education or otherwise.

Amongst the films featured is Waru, a powerful and beautifully-told exploration of abuse, shame and healing, co-directed by eight Māori women directors. Screening at 1pm on Saturday 17 November, the film will be introduced by Kathi Kamleitner and Lauren Clarke of Femspectives feminist film festival.

So It Is Better To Speak, an evening of performance, music and spoken word, begins at 7pm on Friday 16 November. An exploration on the theme of identity, the event will feature Scottish folk with a feminist twist by Burd Ellen; contemporary flute from Diljeet Bhachu; poetic reflections on the body and self from Juana Adcock; storytelling by Mara Menzies; and a queer sermon by performance maker Nelly Kelly. The performance will be followed by a roundtable discussion about feminist and intersectional approaches to practice, chaired by the University of Glasgow’s Professor Dee Heddon.

Both events are supported by the School of Culture & Creative Arts as part of its 2018-19 ‘Inclusive/Exclusive’ programme.

Tickets are available now on the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts website. GFAF is a non-profit event and 10% of all ticket sales will be donated to Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis.

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First published: 8 November 2018

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