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About us

Our vascular research brings together many internationally recognized basic, translational and clinical research group leaders. Our research programmes adopt a wide range of approaches and techniques; from genomics, proteomics and molecular/cell biological analysis of vascular cell signalling, through to assessment of vascular physiology and function in animal models and patients. In close collaboration with the BHF Centre of Research Excellence, we have further developed core facilities including the imaging and myography core; clinical trials core; and clinical vascular phenotyping core. These facilities are firmly established within SCMH and tightly linked to projects within the Vascular Research Theme.

Across all members of the Theme we share an interest in endothelial and smooth muscle cell biology with respect to inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, nitric oxide biology and signalling to understand the processes of vascular diseases, vascular remodelling and early vascular ageing.

Work within the Theme is driven by three principles:

First, we aim to take findings from basic research to clinical practice and vice versa. This translational approach is evident in a wide range of research projects into high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, sepsis, vascular remodelling in restenosis/ vein graft disease, inflammation and vascular complications of conditions such as diabetic nephropathy.

Second, our work is collaborative in nature and crosses disciplines and clinical specialities. Novel approaches including imaging, vascular function measurements, and gene delivery approaches in experimental and clinical studies are researched. Tissue samples from patients with vascular diseases are used to understand the underlying pathophysiology, including in international multicentre projects employing systems biology approaches to describe clinical conditions.

Third, within the Theme we focus on training and knowledge exchange by hosting research days, poster sessions for PhD students and postdoctoral research associates and by providing constructive feedback on draft grant proposals and scientific papers that result from the work of our members.