Clinical trials in cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Professor John McMurray's research focuses on testing new treatments in patients with various types of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease.  This usually involves large studies involving substantial numbers of patients and investigators in many different countries.  The aim is to advance the management of some of the most common, disabling and deadly diseases facing the developed world today.

McMurray is actively involved in the design and conduct of trials (choice of patient populations, endpoints, treatment comparators), development of protocols and case-report forms and adjudication of events.  He is or has been involved in many trial Steering Committees, Endpoint Committees and Data Safety Monitoring Boards.  Often clinical trial questions (and methods) are informed by prior epidemiological research and analyses of earlier trials which he also spends a lot of time doing.  Interpretation of the results of trials may be aided by measurement and analysis of biomarkers and Professor Naveed Sattar’s group provides these services.  Excellent biostatistical expertise is provided by Professor Ian Ford and colleagues at the Robertson centre in the University.  Successful trials showing a clinically significant benefit of treatment for important diseases lead to modification of clinical guidelines, several of which he has also helped develop.


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