SCMH Students on being awarded a Degree of PHD

Allesandro Image

Dr Alessandro Giommi - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for the thesis entitled ‘Does the small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ current (ISK) flow under physiological conditions in rabbit and human atrial isolated cardiomyocytes?’.

Image of Hala

Dr Hala Azhari  -  Awarded the degree  of Doctor of Philosophy for the thesis entitled ‘Novel Strategies for Secondary Stroke Prevention - Exploring The Use of Pioglitazone Therapy Using a Mixed Methods Approach’. 

image of sonya

Dr Sonya Elena Frazier - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for the thesis entitled ‘Investigating placental MicroRNAs in Preeclampsia and Optimising a Gene Therapy Strategy for Targeting the Placenta’.


These awards stand alone proudly witnessing our students hard work and dedication. We congratulate you all on your success and extend our best wishes for your future career.

First published: 16 November 2018