SHARE: Recruiting for Research, Improving our Health


Covid-19 Pandemic has many researchers looking to find medicines which could potentially treat patients and many others are looking at the genetics of the coronavirus which would allow us to produce a vaccine.

SHARE- The Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank has been set up to invite members who are willing to be contacted with information about health research if they are suitable. Medical research can be anything from just filling in a questionnaire about your diet and exercise regime for example, to a clinical investigation for an illness you may have.  Currently there are several surveys on Covid-19. Alternatively, if you have no significant health problems you may be invited to take part in research which requires healthy people.

Please sign up today and help us to help you.

SHARE will let you know about studies which may be relevant to you. If you are interested and want to know more then we let the researchers know.  However, if after reading about it you don’t want to take part you just say NO!  

In addition to the above we are also asking if we can take your permission to keep any left-over blood following routine clinical testing. This sample is anonymized and will help us to understand why some folk respond to medications, and others have side-effects. We will also be able to better target production of novel medications to tackle the growing need to treat diseases like COVID-19, Cancer, Diabetes, COPD and Asthma.  

We have a target of 1,000,000 volunteers in Scotland and we will be very grateful if you can register.  Please also try and get your friends and family to sign up.

It will only take a minute, and no further action will be required from you.

With best wishes


First published: 4 December 2020